Welcome to our kitchen

Kaspersky and Nexway team up to create a transparent and open e-commerce platform for security and privacy products.

Welcome to our kitchen

This head-spinning year is finally drawing to a close. Sure, 2020 will be remembered for all sorts of unforeseen events and difficulties, but it’s presented some cool opportunities as well! As for us, we have been busy expanding our operations — not only in the traditional computer cybersecurity segment, but also in related areas such as antidrone and e-commerce systems.

If you think the latter is not for us, I beg to differ. For several years now, we have been looking at ways to protect the data of our users and clients not only on their computers and inside our systems, but also in terms of where our technology partners use that data. I’m talking primarily about online platforms for purchasing subscriptions to our products.

Of course, each and every partner complies with all payment security standards, privacy laws such as the GDPR, and so forth. But simply following the regulations is not enough for us, as our Global Transparency Initiative demonstrates. We want to set new, higher standards. We want to increase the transparency of the IT business as a whole, and our responsibility for what is entrusted to us. That’s why we invested in Nexway, one of our key partners in the e-commerce market, with a view to building the safest, most ethical, and most open online trading ecosystem possible, optimized in particular for players in the field of cybersecurity.

For those hearing the name for the first time, Nexway is a 25-year-old French company that helps businesses in 140 countries sell their products online.

Kaspersky has worked with Nexway for many years, and we find the platform’s strength lies in its adaptability to the legal and fiscal realities of each country of operation. We aim to supplement that flexibility with dynamic services and technologies that enable Nexway’s partners to adapt their businesses rapidly to any changes, even such drastic and quick ones as those this year has brought.

For existing partners, and especially for security product vendors, a note about our restaurant-style, “open kitchen” concept: You feel safer eating food you’ve seen being properly prepared, right?

The same goes for the processing of data and payments. Through certified processes and regular audits, Nexway will be able to demonstrate that it stores and handles all client and subscriber data securely and in full compliance with the law and with partners’ internal policies, no matter how stringent, and that no one (including Nexway itself) uses that data.

Put simply, your subscribers are yours only, unless otherwise agreed with the said subscribers. The product of this relationship of trust will be a marketplace optimized for selling privacy and security products — one that buyers and subscribers alike can trust.

I want to emphasize that our role is to assist Nexway in bringing that vision to life, not to bring about major organizational changes. Nexway will remain a separate company with its own management, processes, and reporting, in accordance with all European laws and regulations. We will limit our input to technological expertise and strategic direction. We certainly hope Nexway’s partners will continue to collaborate with the company, and that the enhanced level of transparency and openness will attract new ones. Finally, for the record, we have no plans whatsoever to end our partnerships with other e-commerce platforms.

The road ahead is full of opportunities and challenges, but as the Global Transparency Initiative shows, meeting them is very worthwhile! The trust of partners and clients is the most valuable currency there is, which is why we are confident of success.