Kaspersky 7 Volcanoes: Fourth Stage Winner!

September 30, 2013

Congratulations to our fourth stage winner in Kaspersky Lab’s 7 Volcanoes contest – Laura from Ireland!


Laura entered the contest on behalf of her parents as a surprise gift to thank them for all they have done for her. Twenty-three years ago her parents, Kevin and Florrie, celebrated their honeymoon in Honolulu, Hawaii. She chose Hawaii as the destination of the trip to allow them to return to the beautiful, natural oasis where they first celebrated their lives together.

It was only recently that Laura learned how much Hawaii meant to her parents. One evening at home, an ad came on the TV for Hilton’s Hotels and Resorts in

Hawaii. This elicited an exclamation of delight from Laura’s mother, who began excitedly pointing out the places in the ad that she recognized. Her father also talked about the trip, sharing stories about their honeymoon and all that they were able to see while vacationing there.

Therefore, in honor of the special memories that her parents share of Hawaii as well as a celebration of their twenty- three years together, Laura felt compelled to offer this once in a lifetime trip to return to the destination. We at Kaspersky Lab are equally excited to help make Laura’s parent’s dream trip a reality and wish them bon voyage!

Perhaps, you will be the lucky winner at the fifth stage? Check in at Mount Elbrus and send us your story!


How did you share the news with your parents that they won a trip to Hawaii?

I just called them when I found out [I had won], but their reaction was priceless! They were so excited!


What stories have your parents told you about their first trip to the Islands?

My dad went parachuting, and mum loved their tour of the island because of the flora and fauna.  She’s always had a thing for gardening. They also visited the sea life aquarium, which they both enjoyed.


What part of the trip do you think your parents will be most excited for?

They are most looking forward to retouring the islands, as they loved all the sights and sounds of Hawaii.


How will you help your parents document the trip to share with you upon their return?

Well, I will make sure that they bring the camera with them so I can see everything they do.


If you were keeping the trip for yourself, where would you go?

If I was keeping the trip for myself, I would go to the North Pole, because I’ve always wanted to see the northern lights on a crystal clear night, with nothing for miles around but sparkling snow.