It’s IT-Yoga Day, so let’s break some stereotypes

See some of our best yogis — and be seen yourself — in the #ITYogaChallenge!

Kaspersky Lab hopes you will join us in celebrating a fun and fit International Day of Yoga on June 21, 2016!

What possible connection could there be between yoga and information technology, you might ask. IT is all about coding, virtual environments, and cybersecurity; yoga is…not. But we say the two seemingly dissimilar things are directly related. To begin with, yoga keeps us healthy. That’s why every security expert is a kind of cyberyogi, keeping the cyberworld healthy.

Then, yoga is the best friend of any programmer or office worker. You don’t need a gym to do yoga — all you need is some free space in your office or home. You can spend 15 minutes every few hours doing yoga to get your head straight and forget about the daily grind. You can even do breathing exercises while working — for example, while reaching for a poorly placed cable or while stretching yourself after writing a neat piece of code.

Now we want to obliterate a stereotype and demonstrate that IT specialists are not only intelligent, but also physically healthy and flexible.

Join the #ITYogaChallenge to have fun and become healthier! Perform one of these asanas (or another one) in the office, alone or together with your colleagues. Take a photo of the position and post it on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, or Be sure to add the #ITYogaChallenge hashtag to show us what you’ve got! Who knows, we may even share some Kaspersky swag.

If you are new to yoga, don’t be shy. Plenty of people who have been doing yoga for ten years still cannot do a full lotus — but they practice other poses and have enviable posture. The aim of doing yoga is not to beat a rival or break a record. It’s all about self-improvement — every day you try to do just a little bit more than yesterday.

By the way, we’ve already provided some examples — took photos of our asanas and posted them for all to see, so play fair with us! Can you do the same?