How to Use Kaspersky Protection With The New Versions of Google Chrome

March 25, 2014

Internet companies are doing their best to protect users and bring them better security solutions. The same goes for Google, which recently announced that the Chrome browser will now be working with extensions only from the official Chrome Web Store. According to the article (, which Google posted on it’s blog last year, this solution is aimed at protecting users from vulnerable, malicious, and annoying extensions, plug-ins, and other additions, which can override user’s settings and/or alter the user experience in undesired ways. However, although this effort will be good for users, it will also bring some pain to developers whose software has to cooperate with a browser.


So as the developer of security products, we faced a problem here: how do we protect our customers against phishing, malicious web sites, key loggers and other threats spreading all over the Internet. Before now, protection was carried out by special plug-ins, which are certainly familiar to you, so there is no need to list them here. But now all these extensions are out of the new Chrome policy: starting from version 33 the browser won’t work with our old extensions.

Of course, Kaspersky Lab couldn’t leave things like this, so we’re now presenting the new Google Chrome plug-in — Kaspersky Protection.

We’re now presenting the new Google Chrome plug-in — Kaspersky Protection.

This extension is bundled with the recently released patch F and includes three parts: Virtual keyboard, Safe Money and Block dangerous websites module. No special efforts are needed: after installing the patch and restarting Windows, Chrome will ask you about a new plug-in:





Click the ‘Enable extension’ button and restart the browser. After that, all old plug-ins will be disabled:


Now you can manually delete them and your Internet browsing is secured!

As you can see in the screenshot, Anti-banner and Kaspersky URL Advisor plug-ins are still enabled. They will be alive until the end of the migration period, which is set by Google Chrome developers. After that time, these plug-ins won’t work with Chrome anymore.

If you want to reinstall Chrome browser or antivirus software, there’s no reason to worry: you can reinstall the extension as many times as you want. For more information about that please visit this special article in our Knowledge Base.

We hope that the new Chrome policy and our Kaspersky Protection plug-in will make your Internet browsing even more safe and secure.