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“Gaming” Global Startup Call

Until May 31, 2020

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Kaspersky Open Innovation Program is inviting innovative startups to support the growth of new joint business activities.
For startup teams and individual projects

What We’re Looking For

We are looking for the most advanced projects working at the edge of cybersecurity


Protection tools to detect players, their loot, as well as their whole gaming experience

Anti-cheat – Online security solution for developers and leagues

Matchmaking services to simplify how you find best partners to play with

Chat, voice communications, and community tools across different platforms

Gaming after-match video search and analysis tools that feature neural networks

Voice assistant and VR/AR-control tools to open new ways to handle devices and gaming controls

Game mode and settings for HW and SW environment, as well as ‘Do Not Disturb’ mode to help keep focus on the game

Secure mobile broadcast and streaming tools, safe sharing and content creation services

Digital rights management to protect your digital content and in-game loot

… or bring your innovative idea that makes a gaming industry more cyber immune

What We Offer

Validate, grow and scale your solution globally with Kaspersky


Technical and business mentoring for product development

Work on technical integrations for a joint proof of concept

Invitation to Online Streaming Selection Day directly from Moscow


Business partnerships for commercial growth

Direct access to our channel partners (including distributors and resellers)

Access to Kaspersky’s regional and HQ offices, business development and technical resources and expertise

Global Exposure
and Outreach

Best selected projects will be invited to run a join piloting projects

Dedicated professional team for global product sales and market boost

Participation in global partner conferences and other events (with careful consideration of the current coronavirus situation)

Engagement and exposure via our dedicated channel and media partners

How It Works

  • Call Opens
    March 30, 2020
  • Call Closes
    May 31, 2020
  • Committee
  • Internal Pitch Session Online
    June 29-30, 2020
  • Agreements

About us

Kaspersky is a leading global cybersecurity company:
our security portfolio includes leading endpoint protection and a number of specialized security solutions and services to fight sophisticated and evolving digital threats and to protect businesses, critical infrastructure, governments and consumers around the globe.

400+ million users are protected by our technologies

270+ thousands corporate clients within our business portfolio

30+ offices around the world with operations in 200+ countries


General questions

Why are you organizing this Program?

We think the ‘challenge’ format is the best way to get closer to new forms of innovation and to enhance the growth of new joint business initiatives based on cooperation between Kaspersky Innovation Hub and tech startups.

What is the value for gamers?

We believe that through this sort of activity we can bring multiple values to different levels of gamers, our current customers and prospects, as well as to tech startups. Therefore, we invite you to build these values together with us.

The values we bring are:

  • Globally recognized cybersecurity vendor selects best-in-class solutions to address security needs even faster.
  • Solutions that complement our portfolio, integrate with our technologies to combine and maximize values for your corporate cyber-defense strategy.
  • We scout, validate, nurture and enhance the most advanced and disruptive technologies to support your digital transformation.
Is it an incubation or acceleration program?


We are a leading cybersecurity solutions provider; our focus is business. Through this program we aim to test your product/service, validate its technical and business potential and develop the business jointly.

Once selected, we will draw up a cooperation agreement accordingly, and you will receive support from our dedicated team to scale your solution globally.

Do I have to give away some equity shares?

No, we are not asking for any equity in exchange for prizes.

Organizational questions

How does a startup apply?

The application process is very easy: click on “Apply” to register and fill in the form by May 31, 2020.

Check out the details on the website

Can I submit my idea or solution as an individual or can I only apply on behalf of a team?

Our focus is preferably for ongoing company projects with a working team rather than an individual. Nonetheless, if you have an outstanding individual project, we would encourage you to apply!

How mature does the solution need to be?

We are looking for innovative solutions (products or services) with working MVPs and higher. This means you should provide a product/service beyond the functional prototype phase, ideally already launched on the market, and preferably already with clients.

What are the benefits of applying?

We offer a wide range of benefits to startups:

  • Product/service validation through joint proof of concept;
  • Invitation to pitch in front of our Kaspersky global team (due to coronavirus, it will be online streaming);
  • Pilot project with Kaspersky focused on co-sales and revenue sharing in one of the Kaspersky regions of presence;
  • Support for product development, marketing through multiple media channels and events;
  • Access to channel partners (including distributors and re-sellers);
  • Access to own clients and prospects via Kaspersky sales and presales force;
  • Opportunity to scale globally and be promoted globally in every region where Kaspersky has a presence.
Are you thinking of investing in my company?

We are open to the possibility of investing and/or proposing to share the capital in a startup.

What is the deadline for applications?

Online applications close on Sunday, May 31, at 23.59 hours CET. This will be the last day you can submit your project via the website. A reminder will be sent in case you will not finish the application.

Can we skip F6S registration and send our application directly?

No. F6S is the only channel through which Kaspersky is accepting proposals.

Who can see my application?

The reviewer team made up of Kaspersky and F6S will be responsible for evaluating your project. For more info, see the Privacy Policy.

Can I submit my entry in my native language?

Application forms will only be accepted in English.

When will I find out if my company has been selected?

We will send an email informing you whether your company has been selected or not a few weeks after the deadline for submissions (May, 31). Stay tuned!

What happens after the submission deadline? What will happen if my project is selected?

We will perform a rigorous validation process involving two phases:

  • We analyze all the submitted projects and create a shortlist of those with the most potential;
  • Shortlisted projects undergo a second stage (pre-validation) that includes technical, business and market characteristics.

Those projects that successfully pass the pre-validation phase will be included in the list of finalists and invited to pitch at the Selection Day on the 30th of June online streaming.

What will happen during the Selection Day?

You will have the opportunity to present your project in front of a jury of experts from Kaspersky Innovation Hub, and with the support of F6S. We will notify you if you have been selected to participate in the Selection Day and send you all the necessary information. We will also help you fine-tune your pitch presentation via dedicated one-to-one online coaching sessions prior to the event.

Will my travel and accommodation expenses be paid for?

Usually yes, Kaspersky Innovation Hub covers travel expenses for each project that qualifies for the Selection Day. Our team and the participants’ health and safety come first and due to the coronavirus situation, we will stream the Selection Day live directly from our Kaspersky HQ in Moscow.

The best-selected startups will not be asked to travel for the event. They will need to access to a clear room in their location, with good light, sound and good internet connection. More details and instructions will be posted in the following weeks.

Do startups have to pitch in English?

As it is an international competition with international judges and attendees, we ask all startups to pitch in English.

What will happen after the Selection Day?

The participants with the most promising projects will be offered the chance to enter into cooperation agreements with Kaspersky Innovation Hub. The cooperation agreements will be drawn up, negotiated and finalized on a bilateral basis, between each startup and Kaspersky Innovation Hub.

Still have questions?

If your question isn’t answered here, don’t hesitate to email us at ihub@kaspersky.com

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