The Fastest Way to Get Support

No one likes support helpline queues, and we have some tools to provide you with an answer to your question almost instantly.

Most of the users of Kaspersky Lab products have never had any problems with their antivirus software. Still, there might be cases when you cannot fully enjoy the security of your devices due to some irritating issues. When this happens, no one wants to waste their precious time.  The problem must be solved as soon as possible.

“Contact tech support” is usually the first idea that comes to mind when you need to get quick and effective help with your software.  All legal users of Kaspersky Lab products have a right to receive technical support. Unfortunately, our  support engineers  do not have psychic powers, so the communication on identifying the problem and searching  for a solution might take a while, up to a few hours or, in rare cases, even days.

Waiting is hardly affordable if you need an immediate solution of your problem, for example, on a weekend night. In such cases the first option is to try finding a solution yourself. Unique issues are extremely rare, which is why you will most probably find a solution to your problem on the web.

First of all, see our Knowledge Base. It contains a great number of useful articles on popular tasks and settings of Kaspersky Lab products as well as recommendations on how to fix common issues. You can even find video guides with step-by-step instructions on various tasks.


You can quickly find the article you need by using the search line. For example, if you want to know how to install the product correctly and enter “How to install antivirus” in the search field, you may get the following results:


If you want to know how to install a certain product, for example, Kaspersky Internet Security, you can filter the search results by selecting your product from the list in right part of the window. Then you will see the articles on your product only.

Forum is the official mean of providing technical support. Our engineers and Kaspersky long-time users are always there to help you.

If you haven’t found the solution for your problem in the Knowledge Base, visit our forum, which is one of the official means of providing technical support to our users. Our technical engineers and active forum users are always there to help you with your problems. You can use the Knowledge Base search line to look for forum topics and posts that might contain a solution to your problem. To do it, select the Forum section in the Search Area.

Bot articles and forum topics are also easy found by various search engines, so you can just Google your problem instead of using the search on the website.


Do not forget that the search results may vary and official articles may be quite far from the top. We recommend following the links to

However, it is quite hard to browse the Knowledge Base or start forum topics if you only have your smartphone at hand.  And this is when social networks can be of much use. Kaspersky Lab has a fan club, which is present on all major social networks. Some of the Kaspersky Club members may know very well how to fix your problem. They can answer your questions right on the Kaspersky Club page on Facebook or Twitter. By the way, you can also join the Club. Active Kaspersky Club members are regularly invited to take part in events and contests and get chances to win valuable prizes.

OK, let’s get back to the problem you need to get fixed. What can you do when none of the options described above were of any help? Well, then it’s time to contact tech support and provide them with detailed information on your issue. You can contact technical support via the phone or the My Kaspersky service.  It seems easier and quicker to have a real-time conversation, but not all the problems can be solved over the phone.  In some cases, support engineers may require additional information about your computer, license, or the issue.  Do not worry, when support engineers ask you to switch to a written conversation, they do not do it without a reason. This may mean that your issue appeared to be more serious than it looked like, which is why they require some additional information on the problem.

We have recently stumbled upon a few dangerous websites that pretend to be Kaspersky Lab technical support services.  As soon as you give them your activation code, they will disappear without providing any help. Do not let the malefactors fool you, use official support services only. Contact information of our call centers is available in the Knowledge Base or on this page. You can enter the My Kaspersky service from the product interface. The link is located in the lower left corner of the main application window.


Now that you know how to get technical support, I wish your Kaspersky Lab products work flawlessly so that you never need to use this knowledge in practice.

Stuxnet’s “hole”: the vulnerability is still around

Four years after the discovery of the Stuxnet worm, the primary vulnerability it had been exploiting is still around. This is mainly the problem of poorly maintained Windows XP PCs and servers, most likely inhabited by worms. In the interconnected world a neglected PC or a server is a possible problem for many people.