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Most people bought their first antivirus program to run on a single computer – but that was five, ten or even fifteen years ago. The world has changed, and our

Most people bought their first antivirus program to run on a single computer – but that was five, ten or even fifteen years ago. The world has changed, and our technological horizons have been transformed in recent years. Today most households have far more than just a single home computer: it’s no surprise to find users running laptops, a tablet and a smartphone as well. Just like the traditional PC, these also need protection against online threats. But rather than set up a separate solution for every device, Kaspersky Internet Security – Multi-Device is an integrated product which can protect them all. From Windows-based PCs to handy smartphones and tablets, from Macs to laptops, everything is kept safe with a single stroke.

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Our homes are changing faster than ever. A recent survey found that the average family has 4.5 Internet-enabled devices, with smartphones and tablets appearing more and more often. However, we often find that only the traditional home desktop computer enjoys proper protection against various online evils. Those other 3.5 devices are wide-open to attack from criminals of all kinds. Computer threats are no longer the sole preserve of Windows-based systems: a lot of malware has been created for Android, Macs have suffered from massive infection and internet threats like phishing or social engineering are universal, and can harm you regardless of device you use – anything from a computer to a refrigerator. Secure payments are nothing of the sort if an unprotected smartphone leads you unwittingly to a phishing site. Windows antivirus does nothing if your tablet is stolen. And a criminal botnet poses the same threat if it enlists your Mac rather than your PC. All of these threats need to be taken into account when choosing the right protection for your digital devices – but at last there is a single solution which can tackle this task without too much trouble. Kaspersky Internet Security – Multi Device can protect everything with a single product and a single activation code. Just select the number of devices you have – two, three or five – and protect any combination of smartphones, tablets, laptops, Macs and PCs. Even if you replace one of your devices during the license period, it’s easy to transfer the solution to the new machine.

We’ve given the user a simple, user-friendly and convenient way to protect every computer and mobile device. Alexander Erofeev, Kaspersky Lab

Online banking and shopping are getting more and more popular – with 98% of users taking advantage of online financial services. These activities need special protection to ensure that every device where you enter sensitive financial information has multi-level defenses against phishing, password theft and data interception. On every device an anti-virus scanner detects and removes spyware while specialized technologies detect and block phishing links regardless of their origin. Moreover, each device has additional specific protection: Secure Keyboard to safely input financial data on PC or Mac, and Secure Payment technology for Windows. They protect users when using online banking and e-payment systems such as PayPal, as well as when shopping online. Using these combined technologies is the only way to deal with combined threats, when cybercriminals simultaneously target all the devices belonging to the user. And that kind of coordinated attack is no longer unusual – widespread banking malware like Zeus and SpyEye come with mobile versions (ZitMo and SpitMo respectively), and have infected tens of millions of computers and devices around the world.

It is impossible to deny that most malware incidents affect Windows-based computers and the most sophisticated malicious applications are developed for this platform. To enhance the protection of Windows users, Kaspersky Internet Security – Multi-Device integrates new technology which offers new levels of protection, even against previously unknown threats. Important innovations include Meta-scanner technology, which analyzes file content – including the content of documents – and scans for anomalies, which might hint at exploits. In response to the growing popularity of ransomware, we developed a simple tool that can automatically disable any malicious blocker.

Thanks to Kaspersky Internet Security – Multi-Device, you can enjoy the ongoing digital revolution while knowing that your protection is evolving as fast as the technologies you enjoy. All your online devices will be safe, and everything you value – your data, your memories and your money – is securely protected on all of your devices.