Cybersecurity Alphabet

This cybersecurity alphabet is a fun and informative book that teaches kids how to recognize fraudsters’ tricks and learn the importance of staying safe online.

Dear friend,

You’re looking at the Kaspersky Cybersecurity alphabet. Have you ever come across the term “cybersecurity” before? Cybersecurity helps us to use modern technologies — either a smartphone or a computer — safely and explore the online world without worrying about possible threats.

The digital world is huge. Nowadays, you can do a lot of things online: travel without leaving your home, or study foreign languages by talking to native speakers, for instance. And, of course, you can play games, not only with your classmates, but also with friends; even with those who are far away!

But along with the endless opportunities, there are some dangers on the internet, just like in real life. So you should always be alert. Careless actions online and the negligence of the cyber hygiene rules could lead to severe consequences: you can infect your tablet or smartphone with malware, exposing important information to cybercriminals or people could steal your awards and the progress you make in your favorite online game.

In this book, you’ll get to know new technologies, learn the main cyber hygiene rules, find out how to avoid online threats, and recognize fraudsters’ tricks. To make sure that your online journey is exciting and free from bad experiences, please study this book from A to Z.