The Crysis crisis is now over

Kaspersky Lab adds decryption for Crysis Ransomware.

In February 2016, another new strain of ransomware hit the scene, its name akin to what many victims feel when they are hit with ransomware – Crysis.

Over the past nine months, this strain of ransomware attacked 1.15% of Internet users (Kaspersky Lab Data). The majority of victims are located in Russia, Japan, South Korea, and Brazil. The ransomware also took ninth position in the top 10 ransomware rankings for 2016.

Well, for those victims, today is a day to rejoice. Earlier in the day, a set of encryption keys for the Crysis Trojan was released to the public. Immediately after receiving the keys, our experts created a decryption tool.

“Once again, we are happy to announce that one more ransomware threat has been decrypted. Kaspersky Lab’s free Crysis decryption tool is available for download at,” notes Anton Ivanov, senior malware analyst at Kaspersky Lab.