March 10, 2014

Livestream – Eugene Kaspersky Speaks At The CeBIT Global Conference

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Our CEO Eugene Kaspersky held his keynote on March 11, 2014 at the CeBIT Global Conference. He presented some examples to the audience, explaining the dangers of the world we live today.


First he looked back at the 90s when the world was much simpler. No smartphones, no tablets or connected devices existed at all. This made it much easier to stay safe. Today`s world is completely different! Even cyberattacks against powerplants are not unthinkable, in fact, they are already happening. Cybercriminals could gain access to control centers and would be able to control it directly via the web. In theory almost everyone nowadays could do that. The collateral damage of this kind of attack could be substantial.


Eugene Kaspersky also spoke about four different categories that should receive more focus by users in order to stay safe in a connected world. These were: the development of IT security, the ongoing education of all employees, modern legislation and international cooperation in the IT sector.  From his point of view, more and more countries are going to invest in local, country-based IT projects to protect themselves. He closed his keynote with “I love a world where we could share our technologies globally, but maybe this kind of world could no longer exist”.