Technology is great, isn’t it? Until it goes wrong….. then it can cause more issues than it solves.

And in this day and age there is no avoiding it!

How to

Can you Just…

When a device stops working, you’re usually in one of two camps: the “Let’s see if I can fix it” side or the “what on earth do I do now?” side. New research from Kaspersky shows that the older generations are leaning more and more on their younger friends and family to help fix their tech issues.

We want to show you that no matter your age or technical ability, with our helpful guides, ANYONE can resolve their own tech issues and become more self-reliant, so that nobody needs to feel reliant or beholden to fixing tech issues, for their older relatives.

How to…

Below are some handy ‘how-to’ guides to help you navigate some of the more common issues – they’re all written in plain English and are straight-forward enough for anybody to understand! How to:

An unpaid workforce

But what happens if you’re on the other side of the fence, constantly being asked for help by friends and family? Education is the key that will help most family members to become less reliant on others – so if you are constantly being asked by family members, you can make a start by sending them to this page!

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