Kaspersky Beta Test 2021

Welcome to
beta testing!

You’re among a chosen few invited to try out new versions of our solutions.

What’s a beta test?

Before we launch a new product into the market, we need to try it out and make sure everything works properly. That’s what beta testing’s for.

Our beta version has been thoroughly debugged, so don’t worry, it’s not going to harm your computer.

We should also point out that the beta version is just one of the options for the future application – the final version may look different.

What’s inside this beta version

Top set

“Plus” is the working title of the version with the fullest set of features.
New interface

We did our best to make it simple and easy to use.
New features

Hint: take a look at the Performance section for the most interesting part. The other sections are worth checking out too!

What you need to start

  1. Download and install the Plus app
  2. When installed, select “Activate trial version”
  3. Use your computer and apps as usual
  4. Send us any comments and reviews via the Feedback form in the main window
  5. You can also install a beta version of our mobile apps by scanning one of the QR codes below on your smartphone. Leave feedback in the Google Play or TestFlight app (special app for iOS, with detailed instructions in the App Store).



Why me?

Because you’re one of our users. And your opinion counts! That’s why we’re asking for your help.

What will happen to my installed Kaspersky Free?

During installation Plus will uninstall Kaspersky Free and replace it.

When can I end beta testing?

You can stop using the beta version at any time. Simply uninstall the program and install another from our website.

Can I get my free antivirus back?

Instead of Kaspersky Free, we now offer our users Kaspersky Security Cloud Free. The main thing you need to know is that it’s also free. And it has more features. So, you won’t be losing out.

What exactly do I need to do?

Just install the beta version and use your computer as normal. If you notice any problems, write to us using the feedback form. If you’re interested in the technical side of the process or have any questions about the components, we’ll be glad to register you on our forum.