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28 Jun   Virus News

Simpsons: A School Age "Trojan"

Much Ado About Nothing Cambridge, UK, June 29, 2000 - "Simpsons" is a primitive Trojan horse BAT-program written in DOS command language. It has been reported "in-the-wild" and is intentionally distributed via e-mail by some malevolent person. The Trojan appears as an executable file named...

27 Jun   Virus News

Computer Viruses in Home Appliances and Mobile Phones: Is It Possible to Fight against Them?

Cambridge, UK, June 28, 2000 - Recently the problem of anti-virus protection for computerised home appliances, mobile phones, and handheld computing devices has become one of the most discussed topics in the computer press, At IT conferences, and among IT specialists throughout the world. The reason...

26 Jun   Business News

Kaspersky Lab Int. Holds Its Second Annual International Partner Conference

Cambridge, UK, June 27, 2000 - On June 15-17 in St. Petersburg, Russia, Kaspersky Labs Int. held the second annual conference for its international distribution partners. Among the attendees were companies that distribute Kaspersky Lab's flagship anti-virus product AntiViral Toolkit Pro in Austria,...

25 Jun   Comparative Tests

Spanish Magazine "Computer Hoy" Rates AntiViral Toolkit Pro as the Best Anti-Virus Software

In its upcoming issue (#44), one of the most prestigious computer oriented magazines in Spain "Computer Hoy" has performed a comparative test of six of the most popular anti-virus software programmes available in Spain. According to the results, Kaspersky Lab's AntiViral Toolkit Pro (AVP) has...

19 Jun   Virus News

Rainy Summer 2000 is Fertile Ground for Internet Worm Reproduction

Kaspersky Labs Int., the Russian leader in the development of anti-virus safety systems, reports the detection of the latest Internet worm "in the wild" known as "I-Worm.Scrapworm (VBS/Stages)", spreading itself basically via e-mail with the help of MS Outlook. In addition to this, the current worm...

12 Jun   Virus News

That Was the Week That Was!

Kaspersky Lab�s prediction came true! Back in 1998, the last week of October brought a real surprise in the computer world. Kaspersky Labs Int. anti-virus research team detected "WinScript.Rabbit" - a computer virus using new methods of contamination and infecting Windows scripts (programs written...

11 Jun   Virus News

TIMOFONICA Virus: Questions and Answers

How the Virus Attacks Mobile Phones? What is Timofonica? What is SMS-Messages and SMS-Gate? Is it Possible for this Virus to Infect My Mobile Phone. How Big of a Problem are Wireless Viruses for Wireless Operators? Is this Related to the ILoveYou Virus? What Can Users Do if Their Phones Get...

05 Jun   Virus News

Hello! Who's speaking? - The Virus!

Kaspersky Labs Int. reports the appearance of a new virus "I-Worm.Timofonica," which spams MOBILE PHONES. Cambridge, UK, June 6, 2000 - Kaspersky Labs Int., a fast-growing international anti-virus software development company, announces the discovery of a new Internet worm, "Timofonica," which spams...

04 Jun   Business News

Script Viruses Approaching: Internet-Worm KakWorm at the Top of the World's Virus Prevalence Charts

Kaspersky Labs Int. offers a unique protection against script-viruses for FREE! According to the virus prevalence table published in the June issue of the British "Virus Bulletin" magazine - one of the most authoritative publications for computer viruses countermeasures - for the first time history,...

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