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05 Nov   Press Releases

Surviving in the IoT world: Kaspersky Lab Experts Discover the Risks of Smart Home Devices

Taking a random selection of the latest Internet-of-Things (IoT) products, Kaspersky Lab researchers have discovered serious threats to the connected home

03 Nov   Virus News

320 hours of continuous DDoS attacks: Kaspersky Lab observes evolution of denial-of-service attacks in the third quarter

The longest continuous attack recorded by Kaspersky Lab in the third quarter of 2015 lasted for 320 hours, or almost two weeks

02 Nov   Virus News

Mobile Malware Continues to Grow and Online Bank Accounts are Targeted More Than 5 Million Times, Kaspersky Lab Q3 Report Shows

In its Q3 IT Threat Evolution report, Kaspersky Lab has published the details of the key security incidents of the quarter. Using statistics from the Kaspersky Security Network (KSN), which obtains information from millions of Kaspersky Lab product users in 213 countries

29 Oct   Press Releases

Kaspersky Lab and the Dutch Police are Ending the Nightmare for 14,031 CoinVault and Bitcryptor Ransomware Victims Worldwide

Kaspersky Lab has added an additional 14,031 decryption keys to the repository, enabling all users who have fallen victim to CoinVault and Bitcryptor ransomware to retrieve their encrypted data without having to pay a single bitcoin in ransom to criminals

27 Oct   Product news

Parents Under Pressure To Protect Both Young and Old Online, Kaspersky Lab’s Survey Shows

New research by Kaspersky Lab and B2B International reveals that 30% of parents feel they have no control over what their children see or do online, with 38% concerned that their children’s Internet-dependency is becoming an addiction

27 Oct   Product news

New Kaspersky Secure Mail Gateway Helps Businesses Easily Address Spam and Malware

Email remains the most popular form of communications in business – but its role as a valuable and productive business tool is hampered by cyberthreats and the fact that 53% of those emails are likely to be spam, according to Kaspersky Lab data

26 Oct   Product news

A Third of Banks and Payment Services Fail To Provide a Secure Connection for All Online Payments

New business research by Kaspersky Lab and B2B International reveals that 33% of financial services organizations don’t offer customers a secure channel for all their online payments, despite the fact that 62% have noticed a significant rise in customers making online financial transactions and 50% believe online financial fraud is increasing

21 Oct   Events Calendar, Product news

Kaspersky Lab Showcases Comprehensive Portfolio of Products and Services at GITEX 2015

At GITEX Technology Week 2015 that takes place in Dubai from 18-22 October, Kaspersky Lab showcased its comprehensive portfolio of Enterprise and SMB security solutions and services, and launched the socially important Kaspersky Safe Kids service that helps parents create safe ways for children to explore the digital world

21 Oct   Product news

Kaspersky Lab Patents New Technology to Enhance Virtual Desktop Infrastructure Security

Kaspersky Lab has patented a new technology designed to prioritize data-scanning tasks on virtual machines

19 Oct   Product news

Kaspersky Lab Survey Shows Businesses Losing Confidence in Suppliers

According to a survey conducted by Kaspersky Lab and B2B International, businesses are losing confidence in third-party suppliers

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