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Kaspersky Anti-Spam Software Development Kit 5.0

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Kaspersky Anti-Spam Software Development Kit (KAS SDK) is the combination of the latest automated Anti-Spam technologies, together with human analysis providing supreme protection against spam and phishing and ensuring instant reaction to new spam outbreaks.

Thanks to Kaspersky Anti-Spam SDK’s architectural flexibility, exceptional accuracy and impressive stability, solutions based on it meet the requirements of all types of customers, from SMBs to large enterprises and service providers.

The Hybrid approach allows Kaspersky Lab to use cloud-based intelligence and information distribution, complementing the advanced protection technologies used in Kaspersky Anti-Spam Engine. Thanks to hundreds of millions of users in Kaspersky Security Network, any new spam message becomes tagged as such as a matter of seconds, and a corresponding signature gets added to the anti-spam bases with the nearest update. A powerful anti-spam engine based upon dozens of detection methods adds smarts to the cloud mind’s power and guaranties unparalleled detection rates for spam and phishing attacks with minimal false alarms.


Values of Kaspersky Anti-Spam SDK 5.0

During over 18 years’ of leadership in Technology Licensing, Kaspersky Team has been mastering the excellence of service for each stage of relationship with OEM and Technology Partners. We know what’s important to our partners:

High Detection & Low False Positives

  • Detection rate over 99.75 and False Positives rate of 0.01% (2011 average)*
  • 24x7x365 human analysis and latest automated Anti-Spam technologies run together with cloud protection
  • Certified by Virus Bulletin*

Easy Integration

  • All-inclusive, ready-made SDK (libraries, samples, docs)
  • Minimum integration time & efforts
  • Auto-downloadable software updates

Light and powerful engine

  • Hybrid approach – in the cloud & on-premise
  • Minimum system workload
  • SMTP analyzer – reduces mail server workload

Technical Specifications

  • Stops spam in any language
  • All standard platforms and MTAs supported, including native 64-bit support
  • Service mode (client/server architecture)
  • Multithread processing: 100s of messages per thread

Comprehensive Support

  • Qualified 24x7 technical support
  • Dedicated business and technical account managers
  • Marketing support

Hybrid 3-in-1 protection: Online & autonomous technologies enabled by Anti-Spam Lab, working together with Cloud component


(For more details click here [PDF, 1.6 MB])

Why Choose Kaspersky Anti-Spam SDK 5.0?

You will be a part of a great company

Low cost and no hidden fees

Build for high speed and quality

Write once’ for both x86/x86-64 environments

Designed for quick and easy integration

Protect against all kinds of spam

Technology flexibility and near-zero maintenance costs

* - applies to Kaspersky Anti-Spam v.3


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