12 Mar   Virus News

How Turla and "worst breach of U.S. military computers in history" are connected

Experts from G-Data and BAE Systems recently released information about a persistent cyber espionage operation codenamed Turla (also referred to as Snake or Uroburos)

05 Mar   Virus News

Number of the week: an average of 900 online resources are active on TOR daily

In recent months Kaspersky Lab experts have been closely monitoring so-called Darknet resources, mostly the Tor network. And one thing that is immediately obvious is that the cybercriminal element is growing

24 Feb   Virus News

Mobile malware evolution: 3 infection attempts per user in 2013

The experts at Kaspersky Lab have published the results of their analysis of the mobile threat landscape in 2013

12 Feb   Virus News

Good Software Can Go Bad

Kaspersky Lab confirms hidden threat in BIOSes of popular laptops and warns that Absolute Computrace anti-theft software can be remotely hijacked

11 Feb   Virus News

Kaspersky Lab Uncovers “The Mask”: One of the Most Advanced Global Cyber-espionage Operations to Date Due to the Complexity of the Toolset Used by the Attackers

New threat actor: Spanish-speaking attackers targeting government institutions, energy, oil & gas companies and other high-profile victims via cross-platform malware toolkit

06 Feb   Virus News

Number of the week: list of malicious Android apps hits 10 million

By late January 2014 Kaspersky Lab had accumulated about 200,000 unique samples of mobile malware, up 34% from November 2013

17 Dec   Virus News

Facebook Home To Christmas Scammers Offering PlayStation 4 Consoles, Kaspersky Lab Warns

As we get ready for the latest round of Christmas-themed status updates, we should also prepare for a barrage of scams on social networks in the coming weeks too, Kaspersky Lab experts have warned.

17 Dec   Virus News

Christmas Warning: Kaspersky Lab Finds 11.7 Million Attacks on Gamers in 2013

Kaspersky Lab experts have discovered that PC gamers around the globe were hit by a massive number of attacks in 2013

12 Dec   Virus News

Kaspersky Lab makes its forecasts for the coming year

Kaspersky Lab’s experts have made their predictions about 2014.

10 Dec   Press Releases, Virus News

Number of the year: Kaspersky Lab is detecting 315,000 new malicious files every day

The overall global Internet threat level grew by 6.9 percentage points

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