03 Jun   Virus News

World Cup Brazil 2014: Tips for Using ATMs and Avoiding Credit Card Cloning

Kaspersky Lab warns that Brazil has some of the most creative and active criminals specializing in credit card cloning.

29 May   Virus News

Children and the Internet: the Problem of Undesirable Content

Kaspersky Lab analyzed the Internet search patterns of young users

22 May   Virus News

World Cup 2014: Phishers and Scammers Target the Global Soccer Fiesta

As Brazil makes its final preparations to host the FIFA World Cup 2014, which will kick off on June 12, cybercriminals are building up their scamming campaigns aimed at soccer (aka football) fans

21 May   Virus News

Real-time Stats: Bringing the Cyberworld into Focus

Kaspersky Lab has made a host of unique statistical data available that shows the real-time picture of the cyberworld and its inhabitants

20 May   Virus News

How to protect against online gambling scams: expert advice

How to protect against online gambling scams: expert advice

15 May   Virus News

Attack of the Clones: Fake AV Invading Mobile App Stores

Fake antivirus programs are increasingly appearing in mobile app stores.

28 Apr   Product news, Virus News

Kaspersky Lab discovered and blocked zero-day vulnerability in Adobe Flash Player

Kaspersky Lab’s heuristic detection protection subsystem has successfully blocked attacks via a zero-day vulnerability in Adobe Flash software.

22 Apr   Virus News

More users, more attacks: Kaspersky Lab stats show a surge in Bitcoin cybercrime

According to the ‘Financial cyber threats in 2013’ study carried out by Kaspersky Lab, financial malware targeting Bitcoin became extremely popular in 2013.

17 Apr   Virus News

Q1 2014: Mobile Banking Trojans Double, Surge in Bitcoin Wallet Attacks, and Cyber-Espionage Threats Back From the Dead

In December Kaspersky Lab published its threat forecast for 2014. Three months later, the experts found that all three of their ‘End user forecasts’ had already been confirmed.

09 Apr   Virus News

Kaspersky Lab statistics: attacks involving financial malware rise to 28 million in 2013

According to the study ‘Financial cyber threats in 2013’ conducted by Kaspersky Lab, cybercriminals are increasingly trying to gain access to the online accounts of users

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