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12 Nov   Virus News

Kaspersky Lab Financial Fraud Report: the Threat Businesses Would Like to Prevent at All Costs

60% of businesses admitted experiencing at least one IT security incident which led directly to or related to financial fraud, according to Kaspersky Lab’s latest report based on Corporate IT Security Risks Survey results - a global survey of more than 5,500 company executives and professionals from 26 countries

12 Nov   Virus News

Spam in Q3 2015: Spammers Exploit Tourists and the Lonely with Fake Airline Tickets and Russian Brides

Kaspersky Lab’s latest report – ‘Spam and Phishing in Q3 2015’ reveals the latest spam and phishing trends across the globe

11 Nov   Virus News

Beaches, carnivals and cybercrime: Kaspersky Lab shares insights on Brazilian cyber underground

Unique local cyberattacks and international cooperation with criminal groups in Eastern Europe, unsound government security and vague legislation, theft of money and private data, direct offensive ops on local victims and criminal-to-criminal services

10 Nov   Product news, Virus News

Catch OS X Malware: New Kaspersky Lab Scanners are Available in the App Store

Kaspersky Lab presents its new free-of-charge solution for computers running on OS X – Kaspersky Virus Scanner for Mac.

09 Nov   Product news, Virus News

From Digital Friend to Frenemy: 29% Takes a Device into the Bathroom, Despite the Risk of Being Hacked and Spied On

Research by Kaspersky Lab and B2B International shows that the relationship between users and their digital devices is often closer than between best friends, with 29% taking them into the bathroom and 25% sharing secrets with their device that they don’t want anyone else to know

03 Nov   Virus News

320 hours of continuous DDoS attacks: Kaspersky Lab observes evolution of denial-of-service attacks in the third quarter

The longest continuous attack recorded by Kaspersky Lab in the third quarter of 2015 lasted for 320 hours, or almost two weeks

02 Nov   Virus News

Mobile Malware Continues to Grow and Online Bank Accounts are Targeted More Than 5 Million Times, Kaspersky Lab Q3 Report Shows

In its Q3 IT Threat Evolution report, Kaspersky Lab has published the details of the key security incidents of the quarter. Using statistics from the Kaspersky Security Network (KSN), which obtains information from millions of Kaspersky Lab product users in 213 countries

14 Oct   Virus News

Kaspersky Lab reveals 25% of Internet users had an account hacked in 2015

New research by Kaspersky Lab and B2B International shows that in the last 12 months one in four Internet users had at least one of their online accounts hacked, leading to unauthorized messages being sent out in the user’s name, sometimes with a malicious link included, and the loss or theft of personal data

09 Oct   Product news, Virus News

Three-Quarters of Internet Users Can’t Recognize an Online Threat, Kaspersky Lab’s Quiz Shows

Kaspersky Lab has found that three-quarters (74%) of Internet users would download a potentially malicious file, because they lack the ‘cyber-savviness’ they need to spot dangers online

06 Oct   Virus News

Winnti Group responsible for enhanced attack platform infecting organizations in South Korea, UK and Russia

Kaspersky Lab experts tracking the activity of the Winnti group have discovered an active threat based on a 2006 bootkit installer

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