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18 Aug   Spam News

US Elections and Donald Trump Became Hot Topics of Spam Mailshots in Q2

In Q2 2016 the average level of spam emails in overall email traffic equaled 57.3%, according to the quarterly report on Spam and Phishing by Kaspersky Lab

16 May   Spam News

Beware! Scammers Are Selling Fake Tickets to the Olympic Games in Rio de Janeiro

Kaspersky Lab experts found the first spam emails mentioning the Olympic Games in Rio de Janeiro in early 2015, a year before the event is set to take place

12 May   Spam News

Kaspersky Lab Reports Significant Increase in Malicious Spam Emails in Q1 2016

The latest Kaspersky Lab Spam and Phishing Report has discovered that although the quantity of spam emails has been decreasing, they have become more criminalized

05 Feb   Spam News

Mobile devices become a new target for spam and malware attacks

According to the latest Kaspersky Lab Security Bulletin, the volume of spam emails in 2015 decreased to 55.28% of overall email traffic – a fall of 11.48% on the previous year.

23 Dec   Spam News

Phishing Messages Deliver Chaos to Consumers this Christmas

Delivery notifications could dampen the festive mood this holiday as cybercriminals exploit users’ online shopping sprees with phishing messages masquerading as genuine emails from big name delivery brands

07 Dec   Spam News

Nigerian Scammers Use the War in Syria to Extort Money from the International Community

The ongoing war in Syria has seen the number of fraudulent emails targeting the international community rise in recent months, according to a Kaspersky Lab report into spam and phishing trends

13 May   Spam News, Virus News

Spam and Phishing in Q1: New domains revitalize old spam

The new range of top level domains, launched in January 2015 and intended for use by relevant communities and organizations, has proved irresistible to spammers according to Kaspersky Lab’s Q1 2015 analysis of the spam and phishing threats landscape.

12 Mar   Spam News

Financial data leads the malicious spam hit list for fourth year in a row

For the fourth year running programs designed to steal users logins, passwords and other confidential data remain on top of the list of the most widespread malware distributed by email, according to Kaspersky Lab.

27 Nov   Spam News

Spam and Phishing in Q3: iPhones and Ice Buckets Used to Promote Junk Mailings

The launch of iPhone 6, along with the Ice Bucket Challenge initiative, were the two main topics that spammers used to promote junk mailings in the third quarter

23 Oct   Spam News

Spam in September: Ebola in “Nigerian” letters

Spammers produced topical new versions of the old “Nigerian Letter” scam, this time based on the Ebola virus.

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