Change history for the Website Privacy Policy (“Policy”)

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July 2018

  • We changed the structure and content of the Policy in order to bring it into compliance with the requirements of the EU's General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR):
    • we added information about «Kaspersky Lab»'s representative in the European Union;
    • we described the main purposes of processing personal data on our websites;
    • for each of our websites, we added a list of categories of processed personal data as well as the corresponding data retention periods;
    • we provided a list of the countries and regions where personal data is processed;
    • we expanded information about the transfer or granting of access to data;
    • we described the legal grounds for «Kaspersky Lab»'s processing of personal data;
    • we added information about users’ rights as well as information about the ability to file a complaint.
  • We expanded the list of types of cookie files used on our websites.
  • We updated the list of cookie files and social network widgets used on our websites.
  • We augmented the principles we adhere to when processing personal data.

December 2017

  • For your convenience, we combined into a single document the various website privacy policies and the Privacy Statement.