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Kaspersky Premium Support and Professional Services

A choice of services to extract maximum benefit from Kaspersky Lab products

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What We Offer

Premium Support Services

Kaspersky Maintenance Service Agreement (MSA) gives you a choice of premium support programs that treat your IT security issues as high priority and help keep your business running smoothly. Our support programs ideally suited to enterprises that depend on their IT infrastructure for business continuity and the ongoing delivery of mission-critical processes.

MSA Business MSA Enterprise

Designed for organizations that require 24x7 support availability for critical issues, with direct access to senior technical engineers.

Designed for large enterprises with complex environments that require dedicated, personalized, proactive support around the clock.

Priority direct phone
Response time 4 hours 30 minutes
Dedicated TAM
Quarterly status reports

Professional Services

When you’re installing or upgrading your Kaspersky Lab security solutions, there’s no need to divert your in-house IT team away from other core activities. Working in accordance with our established best practices and methodologies, our security experts are available to assist with every aspect of deploying, configuring and upgrading Kaspersky Lab products across your IT infrastructure and working with your change control policy.*

  • Implementation Service

    Implementation Service

    Implementation Service offers you expert assistance and support to make Kaspersky Lab’s products deployment seamless, trouble-free and ensure you operate according to best practices, have optimal settings and make the best use of Kaspersky Lab’s centralized management software.

  • Health Check Service

    Health Check Service

    Following a complete audit of your product settings and network environment as a part of Health Check Service our experts provide you with a comprehensive report with actionable recommendations on how to improve security and/or systems management efficiency.

* By choosing from a wide range of our Professional Services, you take advantage of proven expertise.

What it Gives to Your Business

When a security issue affects your IT infrastructure, you need it resolved without delay and without having to redirect your own IT team away from other important tasks. You need access to the security experts who know the quickest, safest and most effective way to resolve your issue – and that’s precisely what Kaspersky MSA Enterprise gives you.

  • Incident Response SLA

    If you experience a security problem with any Kaspersky Lab product, you can register a request 24x7x365 – which is immediately escalated in priority - to help ensure your issue is rapidly resolved. As an MSA customer you will benefit from 30 minutes response time, separate incident workflow and faster resolution.

  • Tailor-Made Patches

    With today’s complex IT infrastructure, every business IT environment is unique – and that can lead to unique problems. As an MSA Enterprise client, you’ll benefit from Tailor-Made Patches – developed by our experts – to remedy specific problems that affect the operation of Kaspersky Lab products in your specific IT environment.

  • High Priority Response to Virus Incidents

    If a new, previously unidentified malware threat is discovered in your IT environment, Kaspersky Lab experts will act on it as a priority. They’ll analyze the sample and rapidly take appropriate action.

  • Monitoring and Reporting

    As well as acting as a single point of contact for any issues, your Kaspersky Lab TAM will monitor the quality of the service that we deliver to your business and regularly provide you with detailed reports.

  • Single Point of Contact

    When you choose MSA Enterprise, a dedicated Technical Account Manager (TAM) is appointed to work closely with your business. The TAM will gain an understanding of your business and your IT infrastructure – so, if you do suffer a security issue, you won’t have to waste time talking through details about your IT environment.

  • Access to World-leading Expertise

    Working through their dedicated Kaspersky Lab Technical Account Manager, MSA Enterprise clients can access a wide range of our security and engineering personnel, including specialists in: Product support, Anti-malware research, Content filtering research, Product development, and Update release.

Case Studies

Orange County leans on dedicated support

Orange County leans on dedicated support

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Personal Support drives Riverside Health System

Personal Support drives Riverside Health System

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Maintenance Service Agreement

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Kaspersky Professional Services

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Software Compatibility Service

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