What is APT and why is it dangerous for businesses?

December 23, 2013

Costin RaiuThis week we talked with Costin Raiu, Director of Kaspersky Lab’s Global Research and Analysis Team, on the topic of Advanced Persistent Threats and how they may impact businesses. The term itself specifies that such attacks are deployed using advanced techniques, more sophisticated than those utilized by an average cybercriminal, and the resulting security breach may be available for malicious actions for quite a long period of time.

The most frequent attack scenario leads to the loss of intellectual property or other sensitive business data, but we have already witnessed certain attacks, when cybercriminals directly disrupted company’s operations. In this environment there are two key measures businesses need to undertake. Embracing better security standards is, of course, the most important. But being prepared for security breach and able to detect the attack is also critical.

Specifics of APTs and the most efficient technologies to protect the company are explained in our latest podcast.