Three reasons to register for the TEISS 2018 online workshop

We’re hosting an online workshop at the European Information Security Summit 2018 to help businesses get their networks prepared for new and emerging threats.

Threat actors and malware developers never sleep, it seems, and as protection advances, so do cybercriminals. That’s why we are hosting a keynote and an online workshop at the European Information Security Summit (TEISS) 2018 — to try to help businesses get their networks prepared and up to speed against new and emerging threats.

The opening keynote will be hosted by Adam Maskatiya, the general manager for UK and Ireland, Kaspersky Lab, who will discuss how interconnectedness brings about both opportunities and headaches. The keynote will focus on the ways businesses are moving more and more to the cloud and remote endpoints, causing problems for IT departments. Maskatiya will take a look at how businesses can use a multilayered approach that includes machine learning to keep their networks secure, and also how they can start conversations to build a business community that shares intelligence and skills to keep everybody safe. For those who aren’t able to attend the event and listen to the keynote in person, we’re hosting a three-part online workshop.



The first section of the workshop will be hosted by David Emm, a principal security researcher on our Global Research and Analysis Team (GReAT). This part will focus on the top trends in threats targeting enterprises: what they are, how they are likely to evolve in the coming year, their impact, and what they mean for risk and protection (threat detection and management), illustrated with examples from financial, automotive, healthcare, and industrial automation.

In the second section, Alessio Aceti, the head of Kaspersky Lab’s Enterprise Business division, will discuss security processes, expertise, and tools for the new threat landscape.

The workshop will conclude with a panel discussion between senior security leaders, including Adam Maskatiya, and moderated by respected security journalist Dan Raywood.

Read the full agenda of the event on the TEISS 2018 website.