5 great talks you may have missed at RSA 2018

See a few highlights from the RSA Conference 2018 in San Francisco.

We value every opportunity to get face time with our customers and partners, and to talk shop with the many cybersec folks who attend the big security conferences every year. The RSA Conference last week in San Francisco was no exception. This year, we announced our new Kaspersky Hybrid Cloud Security solution, and it was exciting to tell the security and network communities why this cloud solution is uniquely valuable to companies in the midst of a digital transformation (integrations with both AWS and MS Azure platforms is just one of its many great features).

For those who missed the event — or just were double-booked — we offer reviews of some of the best talks from this year’s show. Give them a read (and in some cases a listen).

Leaking ads — is user data truly secure?

Roman Unuchek, senior malware analyst at Kaspersky Lab, gave a very well-attended talk on app security. He provided insights and examples into how popular advertising software development kits (SDKs) have been transmitting user data unencrypted by HTTP, which often fails to protect such data, leaving millions at risk for personal info and data theft.

Threatpost Talk Show — Andy Ellis

Threatpost’s writers were in rare form at this year’s RSA, and leader Tom Spring led the charge, penning compelling content and hosting some of the industry’s top thought leaders and security evangelists at the Kaspersky Lab booth for a series of live videos. In this interview, Spring talks with Akamai’s CSO about its now-famous “State of the Internet Report,” JavaScript Cryptominers, and more.

Behind the scenes of an advanced cyberincident: APT corporate communications case study

Corporate communications is both an art and a science — critical both to a company’s business operations and strategy and to its bottom line. Povel Torudd provided lessons from the Duqu 2.0 APT found inside the company’s network in 2015. The talk was very informative for the audience, providing a glimpse into the planning that goes on behind the scenes of a high profile, global brand such as Kaspersky Lab.

Securing the future of mobility: Is your connected car unhackable?

Gone are the days when cars were just a means of transportation. Modern cars are connected to the Internet, bringing new challenges to the world of security. Our talk about remote diagnostics, telematics, and infotainment was eye-opening for many attendees. The term “vehicle safety” will never be the same.

Threatpost Talk Show — Marten Mickos

For folks in cybersec, Marten Mickos is a household name. His latest venture, HackerOne, helps companies to improve their security by contracting hackers to probe their networks — beating bad guys at their own game. Hear him talk about the start of the organization, reveal details on its global growth, and discuss hot-button issues about bug bounty programs.

This was a great show for our entire team. We’ll see you all soon at the next big security conference!