Kaspersky Small Office Security: a new version available

The necessity of a product that is positioned in-between the enterprise-level suites and home-users solutions became apparent only a few years ago.

Kaspersky Lab has just launched a new version of Kaspersky Small Office Security suite, a security solution built specifically for businesses with fewer than 25 employees.

Kaspersky Small Office Security is specifically tailored to ensure the world-class protection coupled with ease of use so that no dedicated IT professional skills are required to handle it.

New features make it easier to focus valuable resources on running and developing the business while keeping operations, customer’s and employee’s data secure.

Small businesses – important role

In more or less developed economies small businesses play a pivotal role, arguably even more important than large corporations. However, for a long time, business-grade solutions were oriented to enterprises with large infrastructures and in-house staff of IT professionals.

The necessity of a product that is positioned in-between the enterprise-level suites and home-users solutions became apparent only a few years ago.


The primary reason of this is a long-standing trend of cybercrime’s “commercialization”. Hackers turned from cybervandalism and “worming” the Web to making profit, using malware, phishing and other “tools of the trade”, mostly purposed to get a grasp on others’ money.

However, enterprises are hard targets for cybercrooks (who aren’t exactly hi-tech geniuses), so they increasingly hunt easier prey – which happen to be small businesses.

The latter often think that setting up a security solution is prohibitively expensive and that it will require a lot of effort to maintain. Besides, not every small entity can afford a dedicated IT specialist.

Second, often the smaller businesses assume they are too small to be of any interest to hackers and their security becomes less of a priority.

And hackers know it.

Enterprise-level security for a small office

As is the case with all Kaspersky Lab’s products, Kaspersky Small Office Security is an in-house product and has the same codebase as the other solutions. This may sound a bit too technical, but the point is that it is as efficient as an enterprise-solution, but way easier to handle by non-tech people. As said before, not every small business can afford even an outsourced admin at first. And while today’s average office worker knows much more about computers, software, and security than an average worker did 10-15 years ago, ease of use is still a great boon for any software.

So a powerful, but simple and easy-to-use security solution at an affordable price is what SMBs want when it comes to setting up a data security perimeter (and this necessity comes at day one).

The latest version of Kaspersky Small Office Security includes several brand new and improved features, such as:

  • Enhanced protection from all known, unknown and advanced threats – with multi-layered, enterprise-quality protection for Windows and Mac computers, servers and Android-based mobile devices.
  • A new cloud-based management console – that lets business owners or their IT advisers easily manage IT security and devices from anywhere, using web browser.
  • New cloud-based password management – that stores critical company login details and enables users to have a different, unique password for every secure site, across all devices, while only needing to remember one master-password.
  • Security for financial data – that protects online business and personal transactions from financial fraud.  This includes improvements to the award-winning ‘Safe Money’ module.

Not Windows Alone

Kaspersky Small Office Security now protects both Windows-based – Windows XP through Windows 8.1 – as well as Mac-based desktops/notebooks, Windows file servers, and Android smartphones and tablets.

Yes, Windows XP is still supported. Kaspersky Lab promised to continue supporting this aged OS until year 2016, since, even though it had been formally retired last year, Windows XP is still in wide use, including by businesses.

Android smartphones and tablets are covered because today’s workforce is increasingly mobile, and Android is the most malware-targeted mobile OS, so it is quite logical to include the protection into a small office security suite.

Each user/employee gets protection for one Windows or Mac computer and one mobile device plus Kaspersky Password Manager. File Server protection is added based on the number of protected users. Kaspersky Small Office Security is sold in preset license packages up to 25 employees

Getting familiar

The fully functional trial version of Kaspersky Small Office Security will provide protection for 30 days. It can be downloaded at this link.