Kaspersky Lab’s Named “Best Enterprise Security Solution” by SC Magazine

SC Magazine’s annual Award results are in, and Kaspersky Lab is among the winners.

SC Magazine’s annual Award results are in, and Kaspersky Lab is among the winners. Specifically, our product was named the “Best Enterprise Security Solution”. Judges commended our set of solutions for large businesses, calling them “flexible and competent”.

SC Magazine editors specifically mentioned excellent technical support to corporate account members, a range of cybersecurity education services, as well as intelligence services for updates on relevant malware incidents.

“Many enterprises (51 percent) worry that cyber-security measures will divert funds and impede productivity,” says the final report. “Kaspersky Lab’s enterprise security solutions seek to address this by making minimal demands on IT performance, management resources and budgets,” SC Magazine Awards 2015 Europe report reads.

On a more detailed level, Kaspersky Lab’s software has a small memory footprint, demands little power to operate, and the updates are frequent and automated which allows for the minimization of costs and disruptions for users. In the corporate environment – where up to several thousand workstations are online at the same time – disruptions should be minimal.

SC Magazine also specifically mentions Kaspersky Lab’s primary management tool – The Kaspersky Security Center – that provides a single interface to manage multiple solutions, including endpoints and virtual machines, software applications, corporate networks, and infrastructure.

Also emphasized was the fact that all Kaspersky Lab solutions are built using “the same software foundations” – i.e. the same codebase. Kaspersky Lab’s technologies are all home-brewed, and that’s the basis of the strategy our company took long ago. This ensures seamless integration and thus – responsive and cost effective protection.

“The offering was thought by judges as flexible and competent, helping organizations plan and operate their business, removing the fear of cyber-threats by providing excellent expertise and support 24/7”, SC Magazine said.

More details on our Enterprise security solutions are available here. Also a trial version of Kaspersky Endpoint Security for Business can be downloaded at this link.