Kaspersky Lab’s Enterprise solution receive AAA certificate from Dennis Technology Labs

Kaspersky Endpoint Security proved to be an undisputed champion in Dennis Technology Labs’ testing in Q2, 2014.

Along with the launch of Beta Testing of a new version of our flagman enterprise solution Kaspersky Endpoint Security, the product once again earns recognition from Dennis Technology Labs. In Dennis’ Q2 Enterprise Anti-Virus Test Kaspersky Endpoint Security for Windows has demonstrated the best performance and received the top AAA grade.


Dennis Technology Labs’ testing methodology involves separate tests to review the quality of the protection provided, and to assess how good the participating products are at identifying non-hazardous objects.

False positives are one of the toughest problems around: a security solution may be very effective against various threats, but if it also hits legitimate software, user’s experience becomes pretty much discouraging.

The first Protection Rating index reflects the product’s effectiveness in countering contemporary threats. It is determined the following way: a computer running the participating product is bombarded with 100 recent active threats deployed no more than 3-4 hours after they are proven malicious.


If the security solution is capable of detecting the launch of malicious code, neutralizing its actions and removing all the consequences of its operation from the system, it is given one, two or three points respectively. If the solution proves unable to counter the threat, it loses 5 points.

Kaspersky Endpoint Security for Windows successfully blocked 99% of the threats and earned 292 points – the highest score of any competing product in the Protection Rating test.


The Legitimate Software Rating index assesses how the security solution classifies objects known to be non-hazardous as secure, unknown, unclassifiable, suspicious, unwanted or malicious, as well as the actions the products takes or recommends the user to take.

The highest score is given to the product which allows legitimate software to be installed without asking for any human involvement. The less accurate the solution, the more human involvement is required; the better known the program being checked, the greater the penalty for misidentifying it.

Kaspersky Endpoint Security for Windows successfully identified all the legitimate programs and did not interfere with their installation, earning 858 points.

Eventually Kaspersky Endpoint Security for Windows earned a total of 1150 points, becoming the undisputed champion in this test. AAA certificate was, well, inevitable.

Also, Kaspersky Lab’s security products once again excelled in Dennis Technology Labs’ Q2 tests for Home Anti-Virus Protection and Small Business Anti-Virus Protection, earning the AAA grade in both tests.