Industrial security: Kaspersky Lab opens Emergency Response Center

To protect critical infrastructure, industrial facilities need a way to share information.   

Information sharing is essential for effective critical infrastructure protection. Industrial facilities operators and automation systems manufacturers lack a unified platform, which would help them to solve common tasks of ensuring cybersecurity of critical systems. We intend to fill in that gap by opening ICS-CERT – Industrial Control Systems Cyber Emergency Response Team, the first Russian center of competency in the field of industrial cybersecurity.

Presentation of ICS-CERT

We hope that the competency center will be a locus for studying and analyzing information on discovered vulnerabilities, cybersecurity incidents at critical infrastructure facilities, and the latest threats. Our experts will use the results of those analyses to provide recommendations for the protection of industrial systems and critical infrastructure. The primary objective of ICS-CERT is to support collaboration and coordination of automation systems manufacturers, industrial facilities operators, and owners as well as information security researchers.

Our experts have extensive experience in analyzing and countering actual threats to industrial systems. Through ICS-CERT, our researchers will be able to advise companies, assess the security level of industrial systems, and investigate information security incidents if necessary.

Our ICS-CERT services will be available to organizations around the world. We look forward to close cooperation with the manufacturers of SCADA/ICS systems, national CERTs, and industrial facilities. Moreover, we are ready and willing to collaborate with outside information security researchers, government institutions, and international law enforcement agencies.

Kaspersky Lab has long worked on all aspects of industrial cybersecurity. Our company is a member of the Industrial Internet Consortium, which sets standards and recommends best practices for the security of the Industrial Internet. In addition, we have some industrial security solutions of our own — for example, the Kaspersky Industrial CyberSecurity platform and the secure operating system Kaspersky OS, which is specifically tailored for application in critical environments.