How GDPR will affect your business

GDPR is just around the corner. Is your business prepared for it? Learn how others see GDPR and how it will change the world.

So, General Data Protection Regulation aka GDPR is just around the corner (well, 2018) and a lot of companies are only beginning to get a grasp of what the new EU ruling will mean for their business.

But, whilst a lot of IT departments are running around like headless chickens, frantic to ensure compliancy, did you stop to think how other departments might be affected?

You see, GDPR affects more than just IT. In fact, any department that touches or uses customer data (and let’s face it, which department doesn’t these days) will have to ensure compliancy.

So, to that end, Kaspersky Lab commissioned a report to look at how different internal departments inside most businesses feel about GDPR. The findings make interesting reading.

According to the report, 67% of those polled are concerned about personal data being hacked or breached, with a further 55% of correspondence saying they feel that their own personal data would be looked after securely.

Another telling statistic is that 50% of businesses feel they’re prepared for GDPR. The other half of those polled don’t feel ready for GDPR. That’s a hugely concerning number, considering just how important it is.

Yet, despite all the doom and gloom, a lot of IT decision makers are seeing it as a positive – a chance to enact real change within their organisation and that shows in our poll, with 63% of those polled saying that GDPR will enable them to create better data rules inside their business. Power to the people, indeed.