Facts behind Ferrari’s choice for IT security

New facts and figures on our partnership with Ferrari.

In 2010 Kaspersky Lab started its long-term partnership with Scuderia Ferrari. In 2013, after an extensive search of the best security provider, Ferrari became our new client. Since then many things have happened. Our technical experts work closely with Ferrari’s team to meet their requirements. Lots of technical challenges were successfully solved. Now it is time to share more details on this exciting partnership between us and the maker of the best sports cars in the world. Take a look at this video first:

Ferrari operates one of the most sophisticated production lines in the world, where high levels of automation combine with precision techniques, test data and more than 2,000 employees to form a complex, high-value infrastructure with unique security requirements. The company’s chosen security partner would have to be capable of integrating with this ecosystem to deliver cutting-edge protection without impacting on system performance. In the following weeks we will provide you with more details on our technological partnership with Ferrari. Stay tuned for new blog posts and tweets

You can find more details in our new case study. Download the PDF via this link.