Cloud control: Manage IT security from anywhere

We have developed a distinct solution to provide information security tailored specifically for SMBs — Kaspersky Endpoint Security Cloud.

Cyberthreats today target businesses of all sizes, so a unified solution to cover the full range of companies might seem to make sense. However, after analyzing the ways different firms protect their information infrastructure, we found it clear that small to medium-size companies operate under different conditions than larger ones. For that reason, we have developed a distinct solution to provide information security tailored specifically for SMBs — Kaspersky Endpoint Security Cloud.

How are SMBs different with regard to security? The big reason is easy to guess: It’s about the resources businesses are willing to spend to secure themselves. Addressing that issue requires more than simply scaling down the solution according to the number of endpoints used in a company. Larger corporations can afford a special information security department; SMBs typically have to settle for generalist IT staff that, honestly, doesn’t have the time to keep track of advanced security solutions. Some smaller companies have no IT department at all and have to outsource information security services.

In other words, medium and small business require a security solution that is comprehensive and efficient, and at the same time easy to manage even in a highly diverse information infrastructure comprising servers, mobile phones, PCs, and so on. It is also highly desirable for such solution to be managed remotely, via the cloud (which would ease a lot of headaches for managed service providers).

We kept all of that in mind while creating Kaspersky Endpoint Security Cloud. To create the product, we added cloud management features to our existing protection technologies. Fortunately, we are okay with security technologies – they work fine in other solutions of ours, and their efficiency is proved regularly, both in the wild and in the independent tests:

With cloud management in place, all we had left to do was to add equally efficient remote control tools, and so we did. Now, managing our entire multilevel solution requires neither special abilities, nor the presence of system administrators in the office, nor even extra server hardware or software. Supporting the cloud solution is up to us — clients need only visit the site and deploy our proven solutions from the cloud down to the endpoints.

Now: How comfortable is this console to use? We asked independent test lab AV-Comparatives to perform a functional comparison of usability of the most popular similar solutions.

Tested products were awarded 0 to 3 points on each of six criteria. Kaspersky Endpoint Security Cloud appeared to be the only solution to score 18 out of 18 points. The detailed results of the study are available here.

As a result, we can say we’ve got a solution that is objectively comfortable as well as capable of managing a lot of workstations, mobile devices, and file servers from any Internet-enabled device. It doesn’t require any extra spending on hardware. You are welcome to check out our new product: The trial version is available at Feel free to test its usability and efficiency for yourself.