Catch up with Kaspersky Lab at Black Hat

Headed to Black Hat and Defcon? Make sure to come say hi.

From August 1-7, a team of folks ranging from researchers to product development and the C-suite of Kaspersky Lab will head to Las Vegas for Black Hat and DefCon. While there, the group will not only be looking to hear about the latest in the security industry, but will also be looking to connect with the smart people attending the conference.

While we will be roving around (look out for the black polos) here is a list of some other areas where you can find us.

Black Hat Trade Show

Over the course of August 3-4, be sure to swing by Booth #1648 in the Business Hall to chat with our staff on how Kaspersky Lab could help your company. While there be sure to check out some of our new technology and be sure to collect some swag or compete in some of our games to get some secret swag.

Happy Hour with GReAT

On August 3, be sure to come by our booth in the Business Hall for a Happy Hour with members of our Global Research and Analysis team (GReAT) who will be in attending the conference. Come by, introduce yourself and have a drink on us.

Securing Smart Cities

On August 3, Ryan Naraine, director of Global Research and Analysis Team at Kaspersky Lab USA will be on a panel hosted by IOActive discussing Securing Smart Cities at 1:00 PM. The IOAsis panel will offer an open discussion on Smart Cities and how we can better secure them. To sign up for the event, please visit.

How the Smart-City becomes Stupid

In their talk, Vladimir Dashchenko and Denis Makrushin from Kaspersky Lab will present an exciting overview of the current state of security in some parts of a modern city. This will include a look at smart terminals for payments and e-gov services, booking terminals in airports and also city road infrastructure, including speed cameras, traffic meters and network equipment.  Even in not so smart cities, those devices are already processing gigabytes of citizens’ data and unfortunately are not always secure enough to defend against third-parties set on manipulating them. Along with description of vulnerabilities, the speakers will provide some suggestions on possible security measures that could eliminate those issues, and make modern cities safer from a cyber perspective.

This schedule may change over the course of the week, but these are the places where you’ll definitely be able to find us. Be sure to say hi and remember, just say NO to free Wi-Fi at the event. See you in Vegas.