A better way for enterprise security

Peter Beardmore, Director of Product Marketing with Kaspersky Lab, shares his opinion on the major advantages which promotes Kaspersky Lab’s enterprise security solutions ahead of competing products.

What are the key differentiators for Kaspersky Lab’s enterprise security solutions? This is, in fact, one of the topics of my keynote at Kaspersky CyberSecurity Summit in San Francisco. Large companies are dealing with infrastructure challenges, giant shifts in employee behavior and, of course, the ever-growing number of threats, from spam to APTs, all justifying the need for the best security solution on the market. Kaspersky Lab covers all major problem areas of enterprise security with its endpoint, mail and network security solutions. But, frankly, this is what every other respectable market player does. Why are we better? I can name at least two major advantages: intelligence and technology.


To start, our company is led by Eugene Kaspersky, one of the world’s most influential security experts with 25 years of experience in the field. He still runs the company and shares his goal to save the world from cyber threats with the entire team. One third of our workforce is directly involved in security research and product development. Thanks to the worldwide Global Research and Analysis Team, we are now well-known for discovering highly complex security threats such as Gauss, Flame, Red October and The Mask. This is the first key differentiator for us: people in our company are truly devoted to making the cyber world a better place.


Knowing about security threats is worthless without providing an efficient solution. How do we design better products? The most important answer is: a unified codebase. As we do our best to produce a unified security solution, some of our competitors just go to the market and buy technologies they need. From our point of view, this is plain wrong, and many customers will wait around for some benefit that’s been promised via acquisition and integration.

One of the best examples here is the product/feature comparison test we used to participate in. To match the capabilities of our corporate security solution (one name, one product with integrated control of everything) an independent company had to combine 10+ different products and add-ons from another vendor. That’s our second key differentiator: designing software in-house.

Our efficient product development also benefits from our threat intelligence. The Kaspersky Security Network, a cloud-based technology aimed at providing real-time protection from the latest threats, gives us the broadest view of what is happening in terms of cyber security in every corner of the world.

Expanding our product portfolio

As I mentioned earlier, the changing cyber threat landscape is just one of many challenges faced by enterprises. Other challenges include the consumerization trend, adoption of virtualization technologies and the cloud, both private and public. The enterprise IT infrastructure is getting more diverse every day. Businesses need proper solutions to address cyber threats and do it efficiently on each and every major type of hardware/software inventory they own.

Where are we now? Last year we announced a new endpoint security solution – Kaspersky Endpoint Security for Business, where we introduced a wide number of new technologies, dealing with advanced threats and simplifying the deployment/management process. We added mobile device management technology, encryption and systems management capabilities – and let everyone know that we are not only an anti-virus vendor anymore.

What’s next? This year we are expanding our product portfolio with new enterprise solutions. Today we also announced the new security solution for virtual environments – Kaspersky Virtualization Security | Light Agent – now supporting not only VMware, but also Citrix and Microsoft virtualization platforms. We are offering Security Intelligence Services, the intelligence-as-a-service type of product. Finally, we now provide enhanced security for financial institutions with Kaspersky Fraud Prevention.

To sum up, we are now providing a wide range of solutions designed to provide maximum protection from cyber threats at the exact points of vulnerability of a corporate infrastructure. We bet on our unified codebase approach to simplify deployment and management and rely on our highly skilled team of security experts to better protect customers. Some time ago we had a clear focus on the small and medium business security market. The way I see it today: we have more than enough intelligence, leadership and technological know-how to become a leader in enterprise security as well as government markets.

Here are the highlights from my presentation at the Kaspersky CyberSecurity Summit:

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