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Sponsorships & partnerships

Kaspersky’s sponsorships reflect our future-focused approach and commitment to excellence, professionalism, and integrity in all we do.
  • Our sportspeople and teams go beyond expectations
  • The schools we support compete on the world stage
  • Kaspersky-backed causes demonstrate excellence in science, culture, athleticism, and technology

Competitive by nature

With a passion for skill and performance, we support exciting athletes all around the world.

Culture through the ages

Kaspersky promotes modern creative endeavors, whilst preserving vital historical sites.

Security meets science

We support scientific initiatives through technology, ensuring a brighter and safer future.
The best in the game team up

Striving for excellence and building partnerships both on and off the field, Kaspersky has teamed up with the Mumbai Indians as the squad’s Official Cyber Security Partner for 2024 – a partnership that’s ready to beat any threat.

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Sports sponsorships

Kaspersky is honored to sponsor outstanding athletes and sporting events all around the world


Supporting Science. Securing the future.

Building a safer universe
We’ve supported space initiatives like STARMUS events, and we currently sponsor the Gagarin Research and Test Cosmonaut Training Center.

History and culture 

We support both emerging artists of the future, as well as historic artifacts of the past

Artful collaboration
Kaspersky has worked with numerous renowned street artists, sponsoring art and creativity on a global scale.
Archeological progress
We support the preservation of the Akrotiri Bronze Age settlement, which was destroyed in 1615 BC by a volcano.

Sponsorship Program

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