Tatsuno Corporation, a Japanese manufacturer of fuel dispensers and other solutions for global retail commercial fueling customers, has chosen Kaspersky Embedded Systems Security to protect the payment terminal systems installed in its fuel dispensers. Key solution benefits include support for Windows XP, strong levels of security over a long period of time, and compatibility with low-end hardware.

The payment terminal systems embedded in the gasoline dispensers made and sold by Tatsuno Corporation[1] accept credit card payments. To guarantee the security of payment operations, it requires a number of solid security measures and processes. These include proper security for both specialized endpoints (such as dispenser payment terminals) and the networks they connect to, protection of card holder data, some means to control vulnerabilities in software and implementation of secure access methods. It also requires convenient instruments to configure and enforce strong security policies, while periodic auditing and testing of networks is essential.

In Tatsuno’s preliminary tests, it found that Kaspersky Embedded Systems Security, a multi-layered solution to protect Windows-based embedded devices, either fulfils the requirements perfectly – or facilitates their execution, streamlining some aspects for IT security staff. Additionally, it would run effortlessly on the company’s hardware with limited memory and disk space. Kaspersky Embedded Systems Security supports Windows XP and is suitable for the long-term lifecycle of gasoline dispensers. The solution solved Tatsuno’s problems, making it the ideal choice. Working with Kaspersky’s system engineers, Tatsuno was able to finish product testing quickly and smoothly.

The solution was installed in the payment terminal system, embedded in Tatsuno’s gasoline dispensers in April of 2020, and is currently operating without any issues. Moving forward, Tatsuno plans to install it in other systems, including its Points of Sale (POS) systems, to ensure enhanced security.

Assistant General Manager of Tatsuno’s Designing Department, Keiji Kitami, comments, “We decided to go with the Kaspersky solution because we would be able to install it without any issues in the payment terminal systems in our gasoline dispensers, which run Windows XP and have very limited disk space. Kaspersky Embedded Systems Security meets our requirements by only permitting the operation of executable files that had been explicitly allowed, ensuring that we can make it compatible with existing terminals with minimal changes.”

Additionally, Assistant Manager of Tatsuno’s Designing Department, Kazuhiro Sakuma, says, “When upgrading the payment terminals in gasoline dispensers for existing customers, we’ve been able to install Kaspersky Embedded Systems Security as well. And with silent installs, we’re able to implement the solution to terminals with no disruption to customers. This was another big benefit.”

“Protecting devices related to the fueling industry can be a challenging task. In particular, they have a long lifecycle, and may run OS and software versions that are no longer supported by the vendor, which means that security patches are typically no more released. In addition, the hardware is low-performance, having only limited system resources. Tatsuno is concerned about the safety of its customers, and we are pleased that our solution helps, meeting its complex requirements,” comments Oleg Gorobets, Senior Global Product Marketing Manager at Kaspersky.

For additional details, please read the case study.

About Tatsuno Corporation

TATSUNO was founded in 1911 and in 1919 produced the first gasoline dispenser in Japan. Since then, the company has grown internationally and has group companies, partner companies and distributors in numerous countries all around the world. TATSUNO do not only concentrate on gasoline dispensers but also on dispensers for clean fuels such as LPG, CNG, LNG and hydrogen.

About Kaspersky

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[1] Head Office: Minato Ward, Tokyo, President: Hiromichi Tatsuno, hereinafter, “Tatsuno”

Tatsuno, a global manufacturer of oil-industry equipment, protects its fuel dispensers with Kaspersky Embedded Systems Security

Tatsuno Corporation, a Japanese manufacturer of fuel dispensers and other solutions for global retail commercial fueling customers, has chosen Kaspersky Embedded Systems Security to protect the payment terminal systems installed in its fuel dispensers.
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