Our Fields of Work



Research & Development

We at Kaspersky help people protect what matters most in their world. R&D is at the heart of our company; it is here that all our products and services are developed and improved. We have long moved beyond anti-virus software, and are striving to become the recognized leader in the global information security market. R&D plays a key role in this.

We understand the world’s cyberthreat landscape and our experts possess immense knowledge and experience in the detection and neutralization of all forms of malicious programs. The wealth of expertise we have gained over years of combating major IT threats is our most valuable asset. Expertise, natural curiosity and aspiration to be the best – this is what distinguishes us from others. Every year we develop and release innovative products to protect everyone, from children on the Internet to critical infrastructure.

R&D is the place where innovations are born, where new challenges await you every day and where you will be able to realize your full potential in the noble mission to save the world from cyber threats.


Future Technologies

This department creates and develops next generation IT security products. One of them is industrial cybersecurity solution. It is specifically designed to protect complex environments that contain a diverse range of proprietary systems. It’s highly effective and contains professional design configuration of our security technologies and services which you need. We are working to provide comprehensive industrial cybersecurity, from people to processes and technologies: trainings, services, technologies.


Core Business Divisions

Strategic Marketing, Enterprise Business, Consumer Business, Small and Very Small Business, Regional Sales, Business Quality Control, Global Technical Support and Sales Operations hold responsibility for the wide scope of sales and marketing activities worldwide.


Corporate Communications & CEO Office

Corporate communications is involved in managing internal and external communications, explains company’s mission to the stakeholders and press, combines its vision and values. The department develops messages and stories to deliver to general public and employees and suggests new initiatives to keep company on the cutting edge of communication. CEO office coordinates the company’s worldwide public policy agenda by managing both the company and the CEO’s cooperation and communications with national and international governmental bodies, including coordinating participation in government-level events, programs and projects, and negotiating contracts and strategic alliances. Simultaneously department leads personal media and support office of Eugene Kaspersky – founder, chairman and CEO of Kaspersky.


IT & Operational Efficiency

IT Department is a full-fledged partner to the company’s core business, supporting all of the company’s initiatives in product development and automating its business processes. IT develops services and systems that help to expand company’s business; builds and supports IT and R&D infrastructure. Formula values, especially Delivering the Result in Complex Environment and Focused Teamwork, along with ensuring top quality and reliability are a part of IT daily operations and culture today, and have been such for several years, since after IT vision was introduced.

Operational Efficiency is responsible for business process analysis and improvement, manages company’s projects portfolio and its integration in the decision-making process.


Finance & Admin

Finance department focuses on sustainable company growth, providing business data insights for all stakeholders and complex solutions within finance area. The department deals with accounting & reporting, financial planning, control and analysis, procurement, tax, compliance, treasury and Office administration across the globe.


Legal & Security

Legal & Security department provides support to business on all legal and security related issues: corporate law, intellectual property, contract law, physical security, information security etc.


Human Capital

People are at the core of KL Formula – it’s one of our values and it’s exactly how it is at Kaspersky. Human Capital teams everyday do their best to hire brightest people, to help them develop and grow, to provide them smart services and great benefits. We are here to help our team grow and become more and more professional. We are a partner for our R&D and business teams and we are here for everyone who choose Kaspersky for the next step in his career life.

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