Formula – our set of values. It’s who we are.

“It’s a new, improved formula based on what we already have, but which also pushes us to become better,
stronger and more successful at the same time”
— Eugene Kaspersky, Chairman and CEO of Kaspersky

Delivering results in a complex and uncertain environment

We have no fear to improve things that are not broken and we risk it being at the edge. And we take full responsibility for the result.

From a million ideas to cutting-edge solutions for our customers

People in KL are seizing every opportunity to create, experiment and learn from mistakes. This is how we create our cutting-edge solutions for our customers.

Bright personalities working as a focused team

We are not a set of bright individuals but a focused team. Achieving the result together is not possible without trust in day-to-day collaboration.

People are at the core of the KL formula

We are great not because we adhere to good processes, but because we have got «talented people in the formula» - our employees and our partners.

Expertise based on natural curiosity and aspiration to be the best

Lonely thinkers on their own planet or purposeful inventors? We are regularly ranked as the most effective endpoint security technology.

The job is a passion and lifestyle

Job is not just a job to earn money, job is a passion and lifestyle. Life is a journey and job is an integral and exciting part of this journey, and money goes as a bonus.

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