Notícias de Vírus


19 mar 2009   Notícias de Vírus

Eugene Kaspersky addresses Council of Europe conference on cybercrime

Kaspersky Lab, a leading developer of secure content management solutions, announces that its CEO and co-founder Eugene Kaspersky addressed the international conference Cooperation against Cybercrime

18 mar 2009   Notícias de Vírus

Kaspersky Lab publishes an article entitled “Repercussions of dynamic testing”

The article is authored by Roel Schouwenberg, a senior antivirus researcher with the company, and focuses on the possible negative effects of dynamic testing with malware authors using data generated by the tests.

18 mar 2009   Notícias de Vírus

Dynamic testing of anti-malware: new challenges for security vendors

Kaspersky Lab issues article on repercussions and risks of dynamic testing

13 mar 2009   Notícias de Vírus

Kaspersky Lab publishes its annual report on threat evolution in 2008

Kaspersky announces that 2008 saw more than 23 million attacks detected and combated

10 mar 2009   Notícias de Vírus

Kaspersky Lab alerts users to a new modification of Kido

Kaspersky Lab has detected a new modification of Kido, which is capable of preventing antivirus products from functioning effectively on infected machines

02 mar 2009   Notícias de Vírus

Monthly Malware Statistics: February 2009

Two Top Twenties have been compiled from data generated by the Kaspersky Security Network (KSN) throughout February 2009.

02 mar 2009   Notícias de Vírus

Kaspersky Lab publica o seu relatório anual acerca da evolução das ameaças em 2008

Kaspersky Lab anuncia a publicação do seu relatório anual acerca da evolução de ameaças.

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