Kaspersky Lab to participate in IT security conference in South Africa

25 mai 2009
Comunicados de Imprensa

Kaspersky Lab, a leading developer of secure content management solutions, announces its participation in the ITWeb Security Summit 2009, the fourth international conference on information security taking place on 26–28 May in Johannesburg, South Africa.

On Tuesday, 26 May, Costin Raiu, Kaspersky Lab’s Leading Security Expert in the EEMEA region, will be giving a presentation titled ‘Online financial services: threats and protection’. “We have been witnessing an unprecedented growth in cybercrime in recent years. A large number of cyber-attacks are targeting online banking systems. At the summit in Johannesburg I will describe how to protect your computer, and how to prevent confidential data and bank accounts from falling into the wrong hands,” says Costin.

ITWeb Information Security Expo will also be taking place as part of the conference and Kaspersky Lab will be showcasing Kaspersky Mobile Security 8.0, a robust new generation of solution that protects smartphone and communicator users from malware, network attacks and SMS spam, and which also safeguards the data on a smartphone or a communicator if it is lost.

“The new version of Kaspersky Mobile Security is unrivalled in terms of cutting-edge technologies, and provides an unprecedented level of protection against various types of threats. For instance, SMS-Find technology helps you locate your lost smartphone (if it supports GPS),” says Viktor Dronov, Kaspersky Lab’s Portable Solutions Product Manager. “If your smartphone is lost or stolen, the Anti-Theft module will help you remotely block access to the device or delete all the data stored in it. If the SIM card is removed from a lost or stolen phone, the SIM-Watch module sends a hidden message notifying the owner of the new number.”

The ITWeb Security Summit is an annual international IT security conference. Many of the industry’s leading experts will be giving presentations on all aspects of IT security, including technical and business-related approaches to developing an effective and secure corporate infrastructure. More information on the ITWeb Security Summit is available at www.itweb.co.za/events/securitysummit/2009.

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