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  • Patch and vulnerability management
  • IT asset management & OS deployment
  • Remote troubleshooting

Cybercriminals are exploiting unpatched vulnerabilities within operating systems and popular applications – including Adobe Reader, Internet Explorer, Microsoft Office, Java and many more – as part of their targeted attacks against all sizes of business.

Kaspersky Systems Management enhances your security by patching vulnerabilities – and helping to limit your operating environment, by controlling the devices & software on your network and controlling the distribution of operating systems & applications. Designed to boost administrative efficiency, it also gives you improved visibility of your IT network and automates a vast range of other security and administration tasks. It helps you to manage and secure your corporate IT environment, while reducing IT administration complexity – by delivering multiple capabilities, within a single integrated systems and security management console.

Improves visibility
Automatic generation of hardware and software inventories helps to make sure you know exactly what’s running on your network. Whenever new applications or devices are introduced onto your corporate network, Kaspersky Systems Management will automatically discover them – so you can see and manage every element of your IT environment.

Automates vulnerability assessment & patch management
Hackers and malware are increasingly exploiting vulnerabilities – within operating systems and applications – in order to attack corporate IT systems. Our Vulnerability Assessment technology completely automates the detection and prioritization of known vulnerabilities on your network. We then give you centralized control over the distribution of patches. By automating and centralizing these key activities, we help to minimize the time taken to eliminate vulnerabilities and we add extra layers of protection for both your business and the sensitive corporate data it holds.

Reduces IT management complexity
Designed for Windows-based networks, Kaspersky Systems Management automates a wide range of IT administration functions – to help save you time and resources. By giving you a single management console for all functions, it lets you centrally manage security for every endpoint on your corporate network – without you having to switch between multiple products and consoles.

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