Kaspersky Maintenance Service Agreement (MSA) | Kaspersky Lab



  • Reduce financial & operational damage of downtime
  • Maintain your brand image & customer service levels
  • Minimize time spent resolving security incidents
  • Gain access to world-leading security experts*

*Only applies to Kaspersky Maintenance Service Agreement Enterprise (MSA Enterprise).

Why maintenance agreements matter

Because your IT systems underpin all of your business’s mission-critical processes, IT downtime simply isn’t an option. If customers can’t access your online resource – or employees can’t perform everyday work tasks – your business reputation, your productivity and your profitability can all suffer.

When a security incident leads to IT downtime, the results can be far-ranging and long-lasting:

  • Failure of sales to customers – reducing your revenues
  • Legal penalties – for failing to meet service level agreements
  • Damage to supplier relationships – leading to supply chain problems
  • Disruption of internal business processes – reducing your productivity
  • Additional bank charges – if essential transactions are delayed
  • Bad publicity – that can take years to recover from
  • Damage to your brand and business reputation
  • Direct costs of rectifying IT issues

Kaspersky Maintenance Service Agreement (MSA) gives you a choice of premium, extended support service levels that treat your security issues as high priority and help keep your business running smoothly.

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