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Aker Security Solutions

Aker Security Solutions


Aker Security Solutions, a manufacturer of Information Security solutions, is the largest Brazilian company specializing in developing edge security products such as firewall and VPN to generate maximum protection and security in the connection between networks.

With its headquarters in Brasília and branch office in São Paulo, the company operates throughout Brazil and abroad, serving customers of various sizes from various industries, both public and private.

Aker UTM Firewall:

Novo Aker Firewall

The Aker UTM Firewall 6.x is a complete digital security solution for companies of different sizes. By relying on unified threat management, the solution allows easy administration of the various features it offers, with low cost and little human intervention. The solution ensures automation and security, without compromising the freedom and flexibility that the customer needs. In addition to protecting the integrity and confidentiality of business data, the device helps to control access to the Internet in the corporate environment.

  • CLIENTLESS AUTHENTICATION. Provide access to users who have permission to use your wireless network immediately and safely without the need for complicated records.
  • KASPERSKY ANTI-VIRUS. Detect, remove and block viruses in files, web traffic, online communications, and emails; and receive alerts about vulnerable applications and programs that can put you at risk. Use the industry-leading Kaspersky Anti-Virus for web security.
  • WIRELESS DISTRIBUTION SYSTEM. Enable your wireless network to reach a larger geographical area with centralized management by using Wireless Distribution System.
  • BRIDGE MODE. This feature allows the firewall to work in transparent mode (hidden in the network), preventing its identification, optimizing setup time, and reducing human intervention in this process.
  • MORE ROBUST HARDWARE. The new Aker Firewall UTM 6.7 is equipped with 20 Gbps Throughput, 64-Bit System, and up to 384 Gigabytes of RAM, providing better performance and performance.

Integrated technology: Kaspersky Anti-Virus SDK

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