Kaspersky® SafeStream ll

Kaspersky SafeStream II is a gateway-level anti-malware solution that detects the most dangerous and widespread malware (viruses, trojans, worms and other active threats) at wire speed. It represents a balanced trade-off between in-depth security and maximum performance.  Kaspersky SafeStream II is effectively used to detect malware in all types of network traffic (web, mail, P2P, IM, etc) protecting users from the most dangerous malicious samples, server-side malware, web borne malware, drive-by downloads and other types of threats.
Kaspersky SafeStream II delivers premium network performance at blazing traffic processing speeds. It can also be effectively boosted by hardware pattern matching engines (widely used for packet inspection in IDS/IPS) from vendors such as Cavium Networks, Intel, and NetLogic Micro, delivering unparalleled gateway level, wire-speed, anti-malware protection. Kaspersky SafeStream II is well suited both for small devices and for high-performance mission-critical gateways.
Kaspersky SafeStream II is completely agnostic to software or hardware design.  So it can be successfully implemented on proprietary platforms (non-x86/Linux), where most general AV OEM technologies are incompatible. The Kaspersky SafeStream II database is updated regularly. It includes records for detection of malicious objects that are known to be currently threatening computer networks and that are active ‘in the wild’. Kaspersky Lab gathers real time data about the in-the-wild malware situation 24x7x365 via the Kaspersky Security Network which polls tens of millions of endpoints globally protected by Kaspersky Lab’s branded products.
Key benefits of Kaspersky SafeStream II:

  • Efficient perimeter and gateway level defense against the most dangerous malware and virus outbreaks
  • Consistent throughput for any file size due to our unique stream-based scanning approach (full file proxying is not required)
  • Unparalleled performance when combined with hardware acceleration solutions from Cavium Networks, Intel, LSI or NetLogic Micro
  • Recommended for all types of gateways – from small devices for the SMB/SOHO markets to mission-critical appliances for the enterprise and service provider markets
  • Seamless integration into any and all platforms – SafeStream II is totally independent from software and hardware architecture

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