Defends laptops, desktops & servers against malware

By combining real-time, cloud-assisted technologies plus powerful anti-malware technologies that run on your devices, Kaspersky Small Office Security defends your business against the very latest malware threats.

Award-winning anti-malware protects your:

  • Windows-based desktop & laptop PCs
  • Mac computers
  • Windows-based file servers
  • Android smartphones and tablets
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    • Blocking malware that exploits PC software ‘bugs’

      Because virtually all applications include ‘bugs’ – and malware can use these vulnerabilities as a gateway into your PCs – our Automatic Exploit Prevention (AEP) technology helps to ensure malware can’t exploit vulnerabilities.
      AEP specifically monitors the most frequently targeted applications – including Microsoft Office, Internet Explorer, Adobe Reader, Java and many more – to deliver an extra layer of security monitoring and protection for your PCs.

    • Keeping a close watch over your PCs

      Our two-way personal firewall for PCs scans incoming & outgoing traffic – to help ensure the security of your local networks and Internet connections.
      To help find malware infections on your PC, our unique System Watcher technology detects dangerous behavior as it’s occurring. System Watcher can even ‘roll back’ your PC – to undo most types of malicious actions.

    • Blocking PC applications you don’t trust

      Trusted Applications mode ensures only the applications you trust are allowed to run on your PC.
      It uses Kaspersky Lab’s regularly updated list of safe applications and ensures all other programs – including malware – are blocked from running on your PC.

Adds extra security for online banking and payments

Although online financial transactions offer convenience benefits, they can also give cybercriminals an opportunity to steal money and banking details. Kaspersky Small Office Security helps keep your money, credit card numbers and bank account information safe:

  • Adds an extra layer of security for online banking
  • Blocks ‘keyloggers’ from capturing your passwords
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    • Protecting your money

      Whenever you access online banking or payment services – using your PC or Mac – our unique Safe Money technology will verify that the website is genuine… and not a fake website.
      Safe Money also checks your computer’s operating system – to find vulnerabilities that affect online banking security.

    • Defeating ‘keylogger’ malware – on PC and Mac

      Our Virtual Keyboard lets you use a secure, on-screen representation of a keyboard – instead of your physical keyboard – when you’re entering passwords, credit card details and other confidential data.
      By using on-screen keys, Virtual Keyboard prevents ‘keylogger’ malware from capturing data – because you’re not typing this information on your keyboard.

    • Safeguarding what you type on your PC

      By creating a secure connection between your physical keyboard and your computer, our Secure Keyboard technology adds extra protection.

Prevents leakage of company & customer information

‘Data leakage’ can cause financial losses and reputational damage – especially if confidential customer information falls into the wrong hands. To protect valuable and sensitive information, Kaspersky Small Office Security:

  • Encrypts data on PCs & file servers – to protect your data
  • Backs up data – plus online backup – for data recovery
  • Manages, securely stores & synchronizes all your passwords
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    • Keeping sensitive information confidential

      It’s easy to encrypt the data on your PCs and file servers – converting data into an unreadable form that defeats cybercriminals’ attempts to access confidential information.
      Users can be provided with their own password-protected, encrypted container – so each employee has a safe place to store their data.

    • Backing up data on your PCs and file servers

      It’s simple to run scheduled data backups onto a hard drive, removable media or a network storage device. Backed up data can be easily restored – with just a few clicks – even onto computers that don’t have Kaspersky Small Office Security installed.
      You can also store backup files online* – using the popular Dropbox service – and you can access your online backup files via any computer with an Internet connection.

      *Please see the Dropbox website or contact Dropbox for the latest details on the restrictions that apply to the free online storage service.

    • Protecting your business’s identity

      The use of strong, unique passwords for every website and app account is essential… but how do you keep track of all your passwords – especially when you’re out of the office? Kaspersky Small Office Security includes the easy-to-use Kaspersky Password Manager* that:

      • Securely stores all your passwords in an encrypted vault
      • Synchronizes them on your PC, Mac, Androids, iPhone & iPad
      • Lets you use one master password – to access all passwords
      • Automatically fills in personal details on web forms
      • Creates strong passwords on your PC – for use on all devices

      *Some features are only available on some of the supported devices.

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