Technology has made great advances in protecting your bank … but while we can manage the behavior of computers, their users – your customers – remain unpredictable and liable to make mistakes. Criminal gangs know this and use increasingly sophisticated tricks to compromise online and mobile banking services:

  • Luring customers onto fake websites and redirecting their transactions
  • Tricking users into revealing account details and passwords then taking over their accounts
  • Attacking the connections between the bank and its clients to make fraudulent payments

Every time a customer suffers an attack, your bank could lose money…
and your hard-won business reputation could be severely damaged.

Kaspersky Fraud Prevention Platform Introduction

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The total solution

Introducing Kaspersky Fraud Prevention Platform

Kaspersky Fraud Prevention delivers comprehensive, multi-layered security for online and mobile banking. Its unique security technologies enhance your bank’s existing security solutions, providing an extra layer of defense on your customers’ endpoints.

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Security advantages?

Kaspersky Lab boasts almost two decades’ worth of experience in developing its own market-leading anti-malware technologies. Since almost all malware is intended to steal money, the expertise engrained in the company’s DNA is closely tied to protecting against malware that targets banks and financial services.

The GReAT research team helps to keep Kaspersky Lab at the cutting edge of the cybersecurity world. Bringing together some of the finest minds in the industry from all parts of the world, GReAT has uncovered some of the most sophisticated targeted attacks on businesses so far seen.

Since the company’s inception, Kaspersky Lab has battled against malware that aims to steal money. Several years of painstaking research has resulted in a unique level of expertise in combating malware – and especially financial malware. Kaspersky Fraud Prevention leverages this in-depth knowledge and understanding to stop fraudulent activity before it can start, protecting banks’ resources and reputations.

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Banking benefits

  • Flexible protection – the security solution can be tailored to your organization’s specific requirements, ensuring that your trademark user experience remains intact.
  • Save money – fewer fraud cases mean fewer pay-outs to customers and less staff time taken up by investigating and resolving incidents
  • Protect your reputation – trust is vital to every bank and reports of high-profile frauds can wreck valuable business relationships, even with clients unaffected by a security breach
  • Easy to install – a single flexible licensing model covers all platforms and the solution can be operated alongside the bank’s existing security solutions.

The Kaspersky Fraud Prevention platform is built on Kaspersky Lab’s own in-house technologies to protect against the full range of threats that target banks and their users:

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Why Kaspersky lab?

Kaspersky Lab is a world leader in protection against malware, boasting almost two decades of technological expertise in combatting the most sophisticated online threats. Over 400 million people worldwide are protected by Kaspersky Lab’s technologies and 270,000 companies use our solutions to safeguard their businesses. Unique expertise in thwarting all manner of online financial threats is in the company’s DNA. And it’s not just Kaspersky Lab users who have faith in the company’s expertise – independent testing organizations like AV Test and AV Comparatives regularly confirm the reliable and powerful protection on offer.

Technology Leadership Profile

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