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Tatyana Solovyova
Welcome to our careers page! This is where you can find everything you may be interested to know about working for Kaspersky Lab. You’ll see the broad range of opportunities KL offers its employees, we’ll let you know how to find out what vacancies are on offer in other Kaspersky Lab offices around the world and you may also find advice and tips on how to get ahead in your career.

Kaspersky Lab currently employs more than 1800 people in over 20 offices worldwide, and this figure is growing daily. It’s a progressive company that believes strongly in constant development and innovation. Speaking personally, in the two years that I have been with the company it has evolved a great deal, becoming more dynamic than ever. Those things that once seemed impossible are now an everyday part of life. Some things have remained the same though, like the friendly atmosphere and supportive working environment that underpin the corporate values which have always been held in such high regard here at Kaspersky Lab: Fellowship, Authenticity, Mastery, Improvisation, Localability, Intrapreneurship and AIMING HIGH. Together they form the word FamiliA, which is Latin for the ‘family’ and this is really no coincidence, as ‘family’ reflects the culture of our company. If these values are close to yours, welcome to our FamiliA!

It’s said that many a true word is spoken in jest, and at Kaspersky Lab we often say that our work involves saving the world on a daily basis, which makes sense when you consider that we really do provide our users with round-the-clock protection from the evil intentions of cybercriminals, hackers and other polluters of the digital environment! To ensure that our company stays ahead of the game, Kaspersky Lab invests heavily in the futures of its employees, providing them with the very best in training and working conditions and giving them the opportunity to further their careers overseas. The work at Kaspersky Lab is always interesting and challenging, and this is key to helping our employees to reach their maximum potential. In my opinion, if you consider yourself to be ambitious, ready to new challenges, active and take a pride in your own success as well as that of the whole team, then there can be no more rewarding place for you to work. If that sounds like you, then you are the sort of person that we are looking for. Don’t miss your opportunity to be part of the KL team!

I wish you every success on your chosen career path. Enjoy your work and have fun!

Tatyana Solovyova
HR Director

10 advantages of working at Kaspersky Lab

1  It’s a world-renowned leader in the IT security industry

2  It’s a dynamically growing company that offers its employees a broad range of options for career development

3  Informal corporate culture

4  Stimulating, creative work that allows you to realize innovative ideas

5  Unique opportunity for professional development: corporate training, language classes, rotation, on-the-job training

6  Opportunity to forge an international career

7  Work in a team of talented, energetic and dedicated professionals

8  Competitive compensation

9  Social package for employees

And last but not least…

10  It’s a company where people come first.

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