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25 Sep   Virus News

A Backdoor or not a Backdoor?

Why are some of the remote administration programs being called "backdoors"? As you know, one of the most frequently occurring malicious programs is a "Trojan horse." Just like their ancient namesake, "Trojan horses" intrude into PCs under the disguise of a harmless program, attracting users by...

21 Sep   Product news

Kaspersky Lab Int. Makes Linux Even More Secure

A new version of Kaspersky Anti-Virus (AVP) for Linux has been released! Cambridge, UK, September 22, 2000, - Kaspersky Labs Int., an international anti-virus software development company, announces a new version of Kaspersky Anti-Virus (AVP) for Linux. This latest version combines unique...

20 Sep   Virus News

"Javanization" of Mobile Phones: A Green Light for Malicious Programs?

On 19 August, Sun Microsystems and some of its partners announced the shipment of Mobile Information Device (MID) standard, based on the Java programming language (Java<sup>TM</sup> 2 Platform Micro Edition - J2ME) for use on mobile phones. At the same time, Motorola, one of the biggest companies for the...

15 Sep   Virus News

"Funny" Worm with a Trojan in its Pocket

Kaspersky Labs Int., an international anti-virus software vendor, reports the detection of another Internet-worm "I-Worm.Funny". The virus has been reported to be "in-the-wild" in Switzerland. General Characteristics This is an Internet worm written in the scripting language "Visual Basic Script"...

11 Sep   Business News

Kaspersky Lab's Policy on Virus Warnings: To Educate, Not to Scare

Kaspersky Labs Int. refutes accusations about the spreading of "virus hysteria" The W2K.Stream virus has not only generated some lively debate amongst anti-virus experts relative to this sort of malicious program's potential danger. W2K.Stream has also precipitated personal affronts to Kaspersky...

10 Sep   Virus News

Windows 2000 Viruses: Anti-Virus Company Mistakes Might Result in Some Major Headaches

Kaspersky Labs Int. is solving the problem of ADS NTFS viruses On September 4, 2000, Kaspersky Labs Int. released a warning about the appearance of the W2K.Stream virus; the first known malicious code, which uses the alternate data streams (ADS) of the NTFS file system. Unfortunately, many...

03 Sep   Virus News

A New Generation of Windows 2000 Viruses is Streaming Towards PC Users

<p><b>Moscow, Russia, September 4, 2000</b> - Kaspersky Lab, an international anti-virus software development company, announces the discovery of <b>W2K.Stream</b> virus, which represents a new generation of malicious programs for Windows 2000. This virus uses a new breakthrough technology based on the "Stream Companion" method for self-embedding into the NTFS file system. </p>

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