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30 Mar   Comparative Tests

Kaspersky Anti-Virus wins in Brazil

PC World Brazil named Kaspersky® Anti-Virus Personal Best Buy in the March edition. PC World conducted comparative tests of the most popular antivirus solutions on the local market and Kaspersky Anti-Virus Personal won amongst home users.

26 Mar   Product news

Version 5.0 of Kaspersky Security for PDAs now in beta-testing

A new generation of information security for handhelds is in the final stages of development.

24 Mar   Comparative Tests

Kaspersky Anti-Virus wins in Spain

Russian solution leads independent tests by the Spanish IT publication Computer Hoy...

17 Mar   Comparative Tests

Kaspersky Anti-Hacker: the French consumer's choice

The March issue of the French publication "PC Direct" featured a comparative test of the seven most popular personal Internet firewalls. Kaspersky Anti-Hacker showed exceptional performance in all areas tested...

11 Mar   Product news

Kaspersky Lab releases a beta version of the Anti-Virus Monitor for Linux and Free BSD file servers

Kaspersky Labs has released an important component of a new generation of antivirus protection for Linux and Free BSD file servers...

05 Mar   Comparative Tests

Kaspersky Lab: world leader in virus reaction time

Russian antivirus service tops the tables in independent German study Virus threats on the Internet are steadily increasing. Given this, the speed at which antivirus developers react to new viruses is a crucial factor in the effectiveness of any information security system. There have been several...

04 Mar   Virus News

Viruses Can't Hide From Kaspersky

Kaspersky Labs offers a unique technology protecting against new Internet worms...

04 Mar   Business News

Infosec 2004: When Viruses, Trojans, Spam and Hackers meet

Kaspersky Labs announced today that it will be demonstrating its award-winning information security technology that protects users from all types of malware, spam and hacker attacks on stand 552 at this year's Infosecurity Europe, 27th -29th April 2004, Olympia, London...

04 Mar   Business News

Kaspersky Anti-Virus for Palm OS protects FB4 Users

Kaspersky Anti-Virus lies at the heart of a new FB4 solution...

03 Mar   Virus News

Virus-Writers Declare War On Each Other

The creators of Bagle, Mydoom and Netsky exchange pleasantries. In the space of 3 hours on 3rd March 2004, Kaspersky Labs detected 5 new modifications of notorious malicious programs: Bagle.i and Bagle.j, Mydoom.f and Mydoom.g, and Netsky.f..

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