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31 Jan   Product news

Software Update for Kaspersky Anti-Virus for Unix

This update contains the following changes to Kaspersky Anti-Virus for Unix: The problem with the incorrect counting of licensed mailboxes is fixed. A fix for crashing caused by an incorrectly specified target directory that actually does not exist. A fix for a Cyrillic alphabet bug...

30 Jan   Comparative Tests

Kaspersky Anti-Virus Wins the "VB 100%" Award

Virus Bulletin, a British magazine specializing in the computer virus problem, has published the results of its monthly testing of the most popular programs protecting against malicious programs. This time around testing focused on products designed for the Windows NT operating system. Test...

29 Jan   Business News

Vote Kaspersky® Anti-Virus Personal for "Best Anti-Virus Product"

Cast your vote for your favourite Anti-Virus NOW! Kaspersky® Anti-Virus Personal is nominated for "Best Anti-Virus Product" in the Reader Trust Awards organised by SC Magazine - a leading, international computer magazine that publishes articles dealing with all the critical issues relating to...

27 Jan   Virus News

Helkern Epidemic - events chronology

It is possible to state with certainty that 'Helkern' appeared far before the 25th of January when anti-virus companies first brought it to the attention of the mass media. January 20, 2003 at 19:07 marked the first time data similar to 'Helkern' worm copies were detected by Kaspersky Labs. The...

27 Jan   Virus News

"Helkern" - The Beginning of End As Anti-virus Experts Have Long Warned

Kaspersky Labs analyzes the consequences of the latest epidemic The 'Helkern' epidemic has become huge, not only in the number of infected severs (nearly 80,000), geographic coverage and its rate of spreading, but also in the consequences it has caused regarding the general functioning of...

25 Jan   Virus News

"Helkern" - 376 Bytes That Shook The World

A new "fileless" worm causes a global outbreak

25 Jan   Virus News

Worm.SQL.Helkern (aka SQLSlammer)

This is extremely small (just 376 bytes) Internet worm that affects Microsoft SQL servers. To get into victim machine the worm uses buffer overrun vulnerability (see below). When the worm code gets into vulnerable SQL server it gets control (by using buffer overrun trick), then gets three Win32...

24 Jan   Comparative Tests

Kaspersky Lab Extends Its Checkmark Certification

Kaspersky Labs, an international data security software developer, announces the continuation of its prestigious Checkmark certification awarded by West Coast Labs, an independent scientific research center. The Checkmark certificate attests Kaspersky Anti-Virus passed all required tests,...

16 Jan   Virus News

Virus Review - 2002

Virus Review - 2002

13 Jan   Virus News

FREE Utility against I-Worm.Avron

FREE Utility against I-Worm.Avron

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