Why it matters

Despite all the security measures your bank has implemented, your customers could still fall prey to organised gangs of criminals that are using increasingly sophisticated techniques to compromise the security of online and mobile banking services:

  • Redirecting customer transactions to fake websites
  • Stealing customers’ account details and passwords
  • Completing fraudulent financial transactions

Every time a customer suffers an attack, your bank could lose money…
and your hard-won business reputation could be severely damaged.

Kaspersky Fraud Prevention Platform Introduction

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The total solution

Introducing Kaspersky Fraud Prevention Platform

Kaspersky Fraud Prevention delivers rigorous, multi-layered security for online and mobile banking. Its unique combination of security technologies and security services provides four layers of security:

  • Protection at your customer’s endpoint
  • Anti-fraud protection within your bank’s infrastructure perimeter
  • Analysis and reporting on transactions and threats
  • Special services to help you constantly improve your security

Online and mobile transactions benefit from automatic anti-fraud technologies – without any negative impact on customer experience.

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Security advantages?

Although several vendors have launched security products for online banking, some of these products only have a relatively narrow view of what’s required for a secure solution:

  • Some only protect customer endpoints or bank servers – not both
  • Many product vendors are unable to offer essential threat / security consultancy services
  • Few vendors can keep pace with the emergence of new threats
  • Some products leave ‘security blind spots’ and vulnerabilities
  • Without a global team of security experts, many vendors are only able to protect against locally encountered malware

Kaspersky Fraud Prevention Platform

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Banking benefits

Kaspersky Fraud Prevention Platform whitepaper

Kaspersky Fraud Prevention not only protects online and mobile banking transactions, it also reassures your customers that your bank is committed to providing the most secure banking services. Kaspersky Fraud Prevention helps you:

  • Prevent costly security incidents – to save you money
  • Support key compliance and regulatory objectives
  • Boost customer satisfaction & loyalty – to retain customers
  • Preserve your bank’s business reputation

With multi-layered security technologies and services, Kaspersky Fraud Prevention delivers a level of protection that traditional security products cannot match.

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Why Kaspersky lab?

Kaspersky Lab’s combination of global security intelligence and innovative security technologies gives you more time to focus on your business – instead of IT security:

  • With nearly 16 years of innovation, we protect over 300 million users worldwide
  • As a leader in Global Threat Intelligence, we achieve superior detection rates
  • We win more awards – in more independent tests than other vendors

That’s why government and law enforcement agencies – including INTERPOL, Europol and CERTS – partner with us… and why your bank can rely on us.

Technology Leadership Profile

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