Kaspersky Tablet Security


World-class anti-malware and anti-theft protection for Android tablets

With so much of your personal information stored on your family’s Android tablets – and so many viruses & attacks now targeting tablets – security is a necessity… not a luxury.

Kaspersky Tablet Security is optimised to protect Android tablets – and the data stored on them – against malware, Internet attacks, theft and loss. Many features are available for you to download free of charge… or you can purchase Kaspersky Tablet Security’s premium features – to get Kaspersky Lab’s best protection for your tablet.

1 Device - 1 Year

Product Features

Antivirus Protection - Free*

Kaspersky Tablet Security provides essential antivirus features – totally free of charge.

  • Protects against viruses, spyware, Trojans, worms, bots and more
  • Includes signature-based and proactive technologies – for improved detection
  • Scans on demand – to let you run a:
    • Full virus scan
    • Folder scan
    • Memory scan
    • Scan of installed apps

Advanced Antivirus Protection - Premium**

For additional antivirus protection technologies, you can purchase Kaspersky Tablet Security’s premium features.

  • Combines cloud-based security with signature-based and proactive technologies – for our latest and most rigorous antivirus protection
  • Delivers immediate, real-time reaction – to protect you from new and emerging threats
  • Automatically scans all downloaded and updated apps and files
  • Enables you to set up and run scheduled scans, as and when convenient for you

Web Protection - Premium**

Kaspersky Tablet Security helps to ensure you can securely surf the web – without falling prey to fraudulent websites that try to steal your identity or your money.

  • Detects and blocks dangerous links – including phishing websites

Anti-Theft Protection - Free*

If your tablet is lost or stolen, Kaspersky Tablet Security includes remotely operated features that help you to protect your personal information and find your tablet’s approximate location.  Kaspersky Anti-Theft Web Management provides you with a convenient, web-based control centre that gives you remote control of anti-theft features running on your missing tablet.

  • Locks your tablet – so no one can access your private information
  • Displays your own ‘custom’ message – to help encourage the return of your tablet
  • Locates your tablet’s approximate whereabouts – using GPS, GSM or WiFi… plus Google Maps
  • Lets you ‘wipe’ data from your missing tablet and reset the device to its factory settings
  • New! Sounds an audible alarm on your tablet – so it’s easier to find your mislaid tablet
  • Secretly photographs unauthorised users and sends you the images – to help identify a possible thief
  • Provides logs of recent activities – including the status of anti-theft commands

Protection & Performance

Whether you choose to use only the free features or you purchase the premium features, you’ll find that Kaspersky Tablet Security has been specifically optimised to protect Android tablets.

  • Delivers protection that’s optimised for ease of use and simplified control
  • Minimises impact on tablet performance – by delivering small, frequent antivirus updates

*   These features are available free of charge.
**  These premium features are available for purchase.

Why Your Tablet Needs Security

Viruses, Internet attacks and cybercriminals are increasingly targeting mobile devices – including Android tablets.  Whenever you surf the web, download apps, keep in touch with friends or shop & bank online, your tablet and your personal data could be vulnerable to attacks and infections.

Few people would consider running their PC or Mac without security software – so, why take risks with the personal data stored on your tablet?  If, like most people, you use your tablet in similar ways to how you use a family computer… your data and your identity could be at just as much risk when you use your tablet.  Furthermore, because tablets are relatively small and lightweight, there’s greater risk of loss or theft – and that could mean the loss of sensitive information.

With so much personal information – including contacts, emails, photos, music, financial transactions and more – stored on your tablet, it’s essential that you choose a rigorous tablet security solution.  Kaspersky Tablet Security protects Android tablets from malware and Internet attacks… and, if your tablet falls into the wrong hands, innovative Kaspersky technologies can protect your data and help you to find your missing tablet.

System Requirements

Supported Platforms:

  • Android 2.2 – 4.2
  • Minimum screen resolution: 480 x 800

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