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Up to 10Up to 2510+
Are your computers networked?NoYesYes
Do you have any non-Windows PCs on your network? (Linux, etc.)NoNoYes
Do you have a dedicated IT person in your organization?NoNoYes
Do you want to centrally manage antivirus protection?NoYesYes
Do you have a file server on your network?NoYesYes
Do you have a mail or proxy server on your network?NoNoYes
Do you want to centrally protect smartphones?NoNoYes
Are you planning to extend your business (buy additional PCs) in the near future?NoYesYes

We recommend you purchase:

Kaspersky PURE 3.0, Kaspersky Internet Security, or Kaspersky Anti-VirusKaspersky Small Office Security
is right for you!

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* Please be advised that we do not sell a 10PC License for Kaspersky PURE, instead you can purchase 2 x 5PC licenses. Likewise for Kaspersky Small office Security, you will need to purchase 2 sets of the license pack. We no longer sell extension packs for workstation licenses.

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